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This Twitter Thread Underlines Why Men Need To Stop Comparing Their Experiences With Women’s. Women Live In Fear Every Day

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At the end of the day, men and women are all humans. However, the difference lies between us all lies in the fact that all of our experiences are different. Whether men would like to believe this or not, the experiences they’ve had in a lifetime doesn’t and never will (at least from how far I can see) compare to that of what women experience on daily basis. Most men don’t have to look over their shoulder every single day to ensure their safety, they don’t have to ask for permission from almost every adult in their family to go out at night, they are not subjected to being checked out and eve teased by random, creepy strangers in the broad daylight, etc. There are more of these examples that I can give but it still won’t help since most men refuse to believe that the experiences can be that different. Don’t believe me? Here’s a Twitter thread of an editor who took to her account to share a personal experience that highlights the difference in experience between men and women.

Rituparna Chatterjee, who is an award-winning editor and columnist, took to her Twitter to share a series of tweets wherein she talks about how baffling it is when people compare men’s experiences with that of women. In one of her first tweets, she talks about how men don’t live their entire lives being terrified of being violated on a daily basis and are constantly paranoid about their safety because of skin memory from past violations.

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The editor goes on to prove her point by sharing an incident that took place on June 25. In her tweet, she narrates the incident wherein she had taken an auto back home from NCR after getting her Covid booster dose at a local hospital. As soon as she sat the auto driver kept on muttering, talking to himself, and started getting aggressive for no apparent reason. 

She thought he was drunk and so she asked him, to which he replied “bas teen botal, ek aur botal rakhi hai”. She first was amused by the response and then when she asked him not to drink and drive, he blatantly said that the police won’t be doing anything. 

Rituparna Chatterjee, in her tweet, further goes on to say how this was getting weird and so she asked him to stop. But it started getting weirder when he did not stop even after asking thrice and started singing loudly and talking.

However, the auto driver was going in the right direction and eventually when they approached the society, he stopped the auto when the editor asked him to and nothing more happened. 

This incident took place in broad daylight and it made her think how different the situation would be if it was nighttime. The editor wrote in one of her tweets, “But I kept thinking that had it been nighttime, I’d have lost my shit if a driver ignored my requests to stop. I sat there analysing the speed of the auto, debating how hurt I will be if I jumped out. No one should do such a mundane thing as take an auto home and fear for their life.”

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Rituparna Chatterjee further went on to say that the poor auto man was likely harmless and since nothing happened she won’t report it. And maybe that he might have not drank at all as she had no proof of it and that he might have just been eccentric and weird. 

But that wouldn’t have mattered if it was nighttime. The award-winning editor goes on to say that she would have been completely terrified and that even if he had listened to her and dropped her off at some place at night, it would expose her to many other predators, She wrote, “No, men do not have to go through their life looking over their shoulders.”  In another tweet she continues, “They have many other problems, yes, but our lived experiences are so widely disproportionate that they will not ever be compared.” 

She concludes her Twitter thread by pointing out how women are “QTing and agreeing” while men on the other hand are calling her a liar.

Check out some of their reactions:

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And that my friend is all the proof I need to further drill her point home. 

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