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Twitter Slams Journalist For Asking For Sanitary Pads From A Tea Seller. Are We Ever Getting Over Period Phobia?

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You can argue with me all you want but the truth remains that we as a society are not as open-minded as we would like to believe. I mean, we can’t get over the fact that women have periods and talking about it alright. For some random unnecessary reason, we’re uncomfortable talking about periods. Moreover, we’re so afraid of it, that we don’t let others – especially women – talk about it. And if some woman, by any miracle, talks about it openly, she’s called ‘sick’ and vile for doing it. Don’t agree? Take this instance of a journalist who recently was targeted with hate comments after she shared a story wherein she got her period and asked a tea seller for sanitary pads and he like a true gentleman helped her out.

Journalist Ismat Ara took to her Twitter to appreciate a tea seller that helped her get a sanitary pad when she realised she had gotten her period and had no pad on her. In the tweet, she expressed how grateful she was for “men like Manaf (tea seller)”

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Sharing the incident on Twitter, Ismat Ara wrote, “Stopped at a tea stall and realised I had got my period. I asked the shopkeeper if he had any sanitary pads. So he sat on his bike, told me to sit down, and brought me pads from a nearby shop. You’re like my sister, he said. I feel so grateful for men like Manaf. Thank you.”

Such a sweet tweet by the journalist received a lot of hate from Twitterati. In fact, some took it even as far as to call her “sick” for asking for sanitary pads from strangers and making fun of the entire incident. What was more disturbing was the fact that other women also joined in on the hate and called her exploitative towards the tea stall owner.

Check out the tweets below:

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If you ask me, I don’t think she did anything wrong. I mean, I would have also asked for a pad if I got my periods and wasn’t carrying one. Most women don’t get their periods on the same date every month even though they are regular. So, can we please stop making a big deal out of this? Because women getting their periods and asking for sanitary pads is as normal and basic as it gets. 

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