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Twitter User Asks For Updated Studies As ‘Proof’ That Childbirth Is Painful. The Audacity Men Have To Comment On Women’s Bodies!

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Men have dominated every sphere of life for a very long and it is in their blood to speak for women, decide for women, explain trivial things to women, and give opinions on things related to women even when they have zero idea of what it feels like to go through them. This latest one is called mansplaining and it is absolutely hilarious to read explanations given by men on topics they have no business commenting on. Recently, a man went on Twitter to share an article about how childbirth is not as painful as feminists deem it to be! I can understand that men can be stupid but this level of stupid? I never thought so.

A Twitter user who goes by the username, @masalabai tweeted that a man shared an article link with her that talked about how childbirth is not as painful as feminists make it out to be. She tweeted the article by writing, “HAHAHAHAHAHA This is hilarious. Man is sending me — someone who has given birth — link telling me child birth is “not as painful as feminists tell you”. I’ve heard a lot of mansplains but this one takes the cake.” People have commented on the post and talked about how ignorant men can be on women’s issues. One of them went on to quote Rachel from FRIENDS and wrote, “No uterus, no opinion.”

Twitterati has gone all out to comment on his and shown the man his place. One of them wrote, “What? men with unshakeable confidence in their opinions no one asked for are a different breed altogether.” While another went on to write, “”” lmfaooooo This is an extension of the infamous “getting smacked in the balls is more painful than pregnancy” bit.”

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What is all the more hilarious is the audacity these men have. I mean, sir, if you are so keen on getting scientific proof of things, why don’t you go ask a gynaecologist about the same? Surely, they will give you better information and facts than some random website run by and written for by males? And please, for the love of God, stop commenting on women’s bodies and choices and things that you, as a man, will never have to experience.

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