As We Celebrate Navratri, Let’s Look At Some Unique Customs And Traditions Followed Around The Country


Navratri is one of India’s biggest, oldest and most auspicious festivals. There are different customs and traditions followed all across the country for a period of 9 days, chief amongst them being the worship of the goddesses. For the people of North India, the days of Navratri bring fasting and puja; for people in Gujarat, it is all about playing Garba and celebrating; and for people in Bengal, it is time for Durga Puja with beautiful pandals that host vast idols of goddess Durga. This is also the time of the year for some interesting customs and traditions followed across the country.


This auspicious time of the year brings something special from every culture. This means that the festival also has its share of unique traditions and customs that probably aren’t known around the country. Are you wondering which are the most unique traditions and customs followed in the country? Here’s a list, just for you.

6 Unique Customs And Celebrations That Take Place During The Days Of Navratri

1. The Tradition Of Worshipping Weapons

This is one of the oldest pujas and it is known as Astra or Ayudha Puja. This takes place on the ninth day of this auspicious period. Initially, it involved only the weapons used in war, but time has evolved and with the modern age, even things like ploughs, typewrites, etc., are worshipped. The idea of the puja is to honour one’s occupation because, without grace and blessings, we cannot do our work well.

2. Celebrating The Doll Power

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Navratri is celebrated as Kolu (or Golu) in various states, especially in the southern states of India. Various figurines and dolls are displayed during this festival’s celebration. These dolls are considered holy as they represent Goddess Lakshmi, Saraswati, and Parvati. Therefore, they are worshipped. Kolu is usually accompanied by a cultural show that depicts stories from the Ramayan. This is celebrated in various other Asian countries as well, including Sri Lanka and Japan.

3. The Special Colour Code

Each day of Navratri is assigned a particular colour and everyone around the country follows this colour code. Devotees believe that following this attire is in itself a form of respect and celebration as well.

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4. The Final Minutes Of Ashtami Pujan

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Shondi Puja is one of the most important traditions in Durga Puja. In the last 24 minutes of Ashtami puja, the Goddess Chamunda is worshipped, and a total of 108 lamps are lit along with the same number of lotus flowers to celebrate the victory of the goddess Durga over the demon Mahishasura. These 24-minutes are considered very essential and auspicious.

5. Animal Sacrifice To Goddesses

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Most of the Rajputs of Rajasthan offer a sacrifice of a buffalo or goat to their family Goddess during Navratri. Even the Hindu temples in West Bengal and Assam have been known to witness the sacrifice of goats, chickens and buffalos and this isn’t it. Various other religions and traditions also follow the same custom but they give these sacrifices to different gods and goddesses, this is way more common than one might believe.

6. Celebrating The Power Of Education

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The Durga Puja in Kerala goes beyond religion and gods. It celebrates the power of education. The festival is called Vidhya- Aarambham which means to begin an education that marks the day of initiation of formal education for every child in the state of Kerala. Children write things on rice and sand including alphabets and tables. They also offer gifts to their teachers and seek their blessings. Music concerts and dance pieces are also performed.

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These are just a few unique customs, there are many other special customs and traditions followed across the country that make this 9-day period extremely auspicious and beyond special. So, let’s go ahead and celebrate this special festival with the pomp and show that it deserves.

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