Global Parents Day 2023: 6 Mistakes Our Parents Made That Our Generation Wants To Avoid!

We will be green flags as parents!
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You all love your parents, right? This is a no-brainer question. But have there been times when you thought that your parents were toxic, and they did you dirty at some point in your life? If you answered that with a yes, welcome to the club, my friend! Our parents made sure they raised us right but in that process, they did traumatise us, took away our freedom, and also made it difficult for us to communicate with them. And while these things were happening with us, we resolved that we would repeat these mistakes when we have kids. So, on Global Day of Parents, here are six mistakes that our generation will not repeat.

1. Not taking mental health seriously

Our parents not only traumatised us but also ridiculed us when we wanted to sort ourselves in the head by seeking therapy. We will not do this, and in fact, we will encourage seeking therapy and prioritising mental health.

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2. Pressurising girls to “settle down”

Our parents constantly pressurised girls to get married and this is something we, as parents, will not do at all. We will encourage girls to follow their dreams because marriage can surely wait!

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3. Not teaching the boys household chores

If you have brothers you must have seen your brothers barely do any household chores, and it always fell on you or your sister. Our generation will discontinue this gender discrimination and teach boys to be equally helpful with chores.

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4. Restricting girls from living their life

If you are a girl child, your parents must have denied permission several times to go with friends or even for sleepovers. We, as parents, will ensure our kids enjoy their teenage and not sit at home like ducks!

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5. Nagging newly-wed couple to announce “good news”

If you have a sister or a brother who is married, they must have been nagged by your parents or their in-laws to have a baby. But our generation will steer clear of this conversation because we understand boundaries and will encourage our bahus and daamads to enjoy married life fully!

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6. Passing on generational trauma

Our parents suffered from generational trauma and some unlucky ones among us got passed down the same trauma when all we wanted was some generational wealth. Our generation will break this cycle and only positively support our children!

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Tell us some other mistakes your parents made that you will not make with your children.

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