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Shabana Azmi Reveals That She Met With A Near-Death Experience After Shaukat Azmi’s Death

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Nine years ago, I lost my dad and the one thing that I realized at that time was that the loss of a parent is something that is unlike any other death you’ve experienced, at least it was for me. For me, losing my death changed the very core of my being and I think that this is true for the most. After almost a decade, I miss him and his blessings. And I’m not the only one, even the veteran actor Shabana Azmi misses her mother Shaukat Azmi who died two years ago after which she met with a fatal accident that shook her completely.

The Bollywood veteran actor Shabana Azmi recently took to her Twitter on November 22nd, 2021 to write an emotional note on her mother Shaukat Azmi’s second death anniversary. In her tweet, she talks about how one progresses in life through the elder’s blessings. 


Shabana Azmi shared a picture of her mother and wrote, “You left in my arms 2 years ago on this day mummy and everything went wrong My near-fatal accident followed and the world got swallowed up by the Covid pandemic.Theek hi kehte hain ke jab jab tak badon ka haath aap ke sar par hota hai ghar mein barkat rehti hai.We struggle on..”

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As per reports, Shaukat Azmi was a theater artist and film actor who married a renowned Urdu poet and lyricist Kaifi Azmi. She died two years ago and upon her death, Shabana Azmi said, “The woman I admire most is my mother Shaukat Kaifi who has been a wonderful wife, mother housekeeper but most importantly, her own person and a noted theatre actor. She found the perfect balance. My mother Shaukat Kaifi who is a very respected theatre artist was working with Prithvi Theatres and used to strap me on her back as a 4-month old child and carry me to work because we couldn’t afford a maid.” She further added, “When I was about 3 years old I started accompanying her on her tours during vacations from school. I would go to sleep backstage with the smell of greasepaint all around me.” 

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Losing a parent leaves a void that no one can ever fill. And the heartwarming words of Shabana Azmi have reminded me of my own father and how much I miss him no matter how many years have passed by.

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