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Bhumi Pednekar Has Lost 2 People In 24 Hours. But Instead Of Grieving, She Wants To Focus On Helping Out. That’s Commendable!

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It’s a real nightmarish reality out there, which many of us, safe in our homes, might not even be able to imagine. I mean, sure, we are tuning into the news and reading all the tweets and Instagram posts. But the ground reality of infected people’s homes, overburdened hospitals and crowded crematoriums is much, much worse. Amongst stories of incomparable loss are also tales of courage and iron-strength, where senior citizens are giving up their beds to save young people’s lives. And those who have lost their loved ones are working day and night to ensure others don’t have to go through that devastating loss too. There are countless such names. And one that we do know of, thanks to her being a public personality, is Bhumi Pednekar.

The Durgamati actress has been putting her social media reach and following to good use by constantly amplifying resources, something that some few Bollywood personalities are finally understanding the importance of and participating in. Bollywood stars have quite the clout, and it shouldn’t only be to get max likes on their Maldives vacay photos. It is much better utilised to amplify COVID resources, from bed availability to ambulance services, to arranging for oxygen and Remdesivir and so on.

However, for Bhumi Pednekar, it isn’t just helping others but helping her own family members. The pandemic hit close to home for the actor, who over the weekend, lost two people from her immediate family in a span of mere 24 hours. She tweeted about it on Sunday, stating that three more people in her family were critical and she too was looking for oxygen and beds.

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Bhumi is right in that there is no space to even mourn losses, because there is so much to do. Returning those empty oxygen cylinders, finding a crematorium to do the last rites of your loved ones, making sure leftover medicines reach someone who needs them so that you can be of help…. And of course, looking after yourself and your family, to secure their safety from this virus.

Bhumi Pednekar had previously said that she was functioning on a sort of autopilot mode, where there was no time to sit and think, only act. She told Filmfare how despite feeling overwhelmed, she is continuing her efforts to volunteer and help as many people as possible.

“In the times that we are, my biggest resource is the reach that I have. And that’s exactly what I’m trying to do. I don’t feel pressured as a person of influence but I feel overwhelmed just as a citizen much like any volunteer. We’re trying to help as many people as we can.”

She further added that her social channels are open for anyone who has gone through this ordeal and wants to step up and help out. “Those who’ve recently recovered, they can reach out to me via social media. I’m guiding people through the process and saving somebody’s life.”



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I know that Bhumi Pednekar is just amongst thousands of people who are dropping everything they are doing to help amplify SOS messages, verify COVID resources and help out in every way they can. And they are really saving lives.

To do this while holding grief back is not easy, but they’re all doing it. And I don’t think we can thank any of them enough. When celebrities come forth and help, it sets a better example than simply preaching that we need to help. And the message also carries far and wide. Stay strong, Bhumi, and thank you!

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