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Need A Long Lasting Mani? Avoid This Nail Colour

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Even though I have the patience of a monk when applying eyeliner in a dozen intricate patterns, it’s difficult for me to sit still barely 30 seconds after polishing my nails. That’s precisely when I remember that something needs to be extricated from the very depth of my humongous bag urgently, or I need to scratch an itch, or tuck my hair behind my ears, or worse check, if my polish has dried and leaving thumb impressions all over it. And don’t even get me started on longevity. I’m one of those people who can pretty much run a fresh manicure at the end of day one.

I used to think that red nails require the most upkeep, but you’ll be surprised to know which colour is actually the worst offender. Surprise, surprise, it’s blue! Chalky colours that are opaque tend to chip most easily. These colours also tend to get thick and viscous pretty soon. So unless you’re into channelling a rock n’ roll vibe with chipped polish, avoid dark blue colours.

So what’s the best bet for a long lasting mani? A sheer light pink colour. These colours last the longest and even when they chip they aren’t very noticeable. So it’s easy to pull another day with chipped polish without it looking tacky. When in doubt, pick the baby pink polish, girls!


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