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Here’s Why You Need SPF For Your Lips Too!

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If the scorching heat wasn’t enough of an indicator, *NEWSFLASH* summer is here! And while some of you are flying off to fancy destinations, a majority of us are sticking it out right here, slathered in sunscreen of course!

Personally, I’ve got my head wrapped in a pretty scarf, my sunnies on for protection, and my sipper handy too! What I didn’t realise though, is my lips didn’t quite have the protection they needed from the sun. Turns out, they actually need a little extra TLC during the summer.

So, here’s an end-to-end guide to protecting your lips from the sun, and keeping them healthy in order to get that luscious summer pout you’ve been dreaming of.

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1. The UV rays of the sun adversely affect the production of collagen in your lips.

Since your lips have fewer melanocytes than your skin does, naturally, they are more prone to damage too. What’s more, prolonged exposure to sun rays leads to a buildup of dead skin cells on your lips, making them look dull, chapped and unhealthy. And trust us, not even the most expensive lipstick in the world is going to do you any good if your lips are cracked and flaky.

To get the perfect pout this summer, use a lip balm with good sun protection factor that protects your lips from the harmful effects of UV rays.

2. Your lips don’t have sebaceous glands.

While your skin lands up feeling oilier in summer, your lips don’t quite have the same reaction. Ever wondered why? Well, your skin has sebaceous glands that secrete sebum, which in turn, moisturises your skin. Your lips, on the other hand, don’t have these bad boys. Hence, they need to be hydrated, and protected from the harsh and drying UV rays of the sun.


Our go-to lip balm this summer is the Himalaya Sun Protect Orange Lip Care that is enriched with the essence of oranges and powered with SPF 30 and PA+++ protection. Not only does it smell great, but it also shields your lips from the harmful UV rays and helps protect against darkening of lips due to sun exposure. Its moisture-retention formula nourishes, hydrates and soothes your lips, making them soft and supple. Win-win!

3. Temperature changes cause your lips to get dehydrated.

The sudden change in temperature, as you move from an air-conditioned environment to the sweltering outdoors, can leave your lips dehydrated and chapped. So, you might want to stay clear of those matte lipsticks, especially during summer. Instead use your favourite sun protection lip balm to keep your pout hydrated and healthy.

If ever your lips are feeling less than kissable, try massaging them to improve blood circulation. You’ll see a drastic difference within a week!

So, a sun protect lip balm is an absolute essential wherever you go.

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* This is a dedicated post in collaboration with Himalaya.


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