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7 Reasons Why Makeup Is A Our BFF Through The Good And Bad Days

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Makeup is such a fun thing, no? We girls love our vanity and our makeup tools. For most of us, putting makeup on is like the highlight of our day. Now before all of y’all assume that we ladies wear makeup to hide our flaws or impress men, NEWSFLASH: That’s not how it works. We may have a love-hate relationship with makeup but we don’t wear it because we want to look a certain way and/or impress someone, we simply do it because it not only boosts our confidence but also puts us in a good mood. TBH, makeup is how I usually deal with down days and deteriorating mental health and I’m not alone. Makeup is basically our best friend and it comes to our rescue like no one else. Moreover, makeup is a form of self-expression. It allows us to express who we are and what we want from life without using words. Isn’t that awesome?

Here are some reasons why makeup is our knight in shining armour every single day!

1. Wearing glasses is so blah because it just hides away your beautiful eyes that are a window to your soul, hai na? But a colourful eyeliner or eyeshadow can highlight your eyes like nothing else and then even those glasses cannot throw shade on your pretty little eyes.

2. Lipstick is the pop of colour we all need in our lives. Even during the pandemic, lipstick under our masks made us all feel a little lighter and happier. And it continues to do so even today.

3. Makeup is self-care on bad mental health days. Playing with different shades of makeup products can help uplift our mood. It’s practically our cheerleader!

4. For days when we wanna wear our flaws but also want to draw people’s attention away from them, makeup comes to our rescue. A little bit of highlighter can brighten up your face and people might not notice that chotu sa pimple and even if they do, saanu ki?

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5. Your best friend may or may not speak for you but makeup will. All these shades and beauty products can help you express yourself without really saying it out aloud. Be it the colours of pride or that rhinestone eyeliner, you can be yourself with makeup.

6. Our BFF gives us the best therapy, hai na? Well, so does makeup. The process of applying makeup is almost therapeutic and it can turn a bad day into good with just one stroke of a brush!

7. Much like our besties, makeup also boosts our confidence. Feeling nervous about your upcoming meeting or presentation? Guess, it’s time to wear that blood-red lipstick or maybe that deep burgundy one!

8. Makeup adds colour to our lives. From the green eyeliner to blue mascara to lavender lipstick to that white kajal, there’s something for everyone.

Well, makeup really is our saviour. GTG, have to put on makeup now!

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