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3 Easy Indian Hairstyle Tutorials For You To Try This Festive Season

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It’s here guys. The second half of the year. So the calendar is marked with all the various festivals and while we may repeat clothes, we will definitely not repeat hairstyles. From Ganesh Chaturthi to Diwali, it’s time to flaunt the bling- both on clothes and on the hair. For me, all these festivities are not that exciting because it requires me to socialise. The only thing I like about them is dressing up, clicking pictures uploading on Instagram and staring down at the picture for hours to see how many likes I got in how many minutes. What an exciting life I live!

This year, it’s not going to be any different for me except I would really like to up my styling game by acing the different chic hairstyles that I see on the internet. No, I actually do suck at doing up my hair. If you are new here and don’t know how my hair is, then let me tell you. It’s Rapunzel long (not joking)and silky and straight. And styling it requires forklifts, escalators and cement. So if I want an easy hairstyle, I use the key phrase “easy hairdos” on Youtube and I found the ones below the easiest to follow.And I am sure you would want to know what they are, so start scrolling. I am just going to be here for a long time trying to figure how to get this right.

I love how chic and beautiful her hairstyles are. If you don’t already know Knot Me Pretty, then you are missing out. She is one of the favourites when it comes to hairstyling because her tips, tricks, and hairstyles make it look like even noobs like me can get it right. I love how she experiments with her hair and comes up with the most gorgeous styles. So, if you are looking for something easy and willing to put in the time and effort for the same then you HAVE to try these hairstyles!


Okay, first of all, look at how gorgeous she looks in this hairstyle. I, on the other hand, will make those hair puffs in the beginning look like the devil’s horn. Initially, the hairstyle may look a bit complicated, but once you watch the video on slo-mo, you realise this is doable. They are basically a lot of twists, like the movie Race but in the end, this one is still pretty and no one dies. Wow, that got real morbid, real quick.


I watched Veere Di Wedding and the only thing I took from that movie was the hairstyles and some wedding dress ideas tbh. I have been trying to ace Kareena Kapoor Khan’s iconic hairstyle from the movie until I came across this video which made my life easier. I am attracted to bling like moths to a flame and I will click on absolutely anything that has bling. Hence, I landed upon this video and don’t regret a thing.

In case you are not willing to try any of these hairstyles you can always let down your tresses and still rock it!It never goes out of fashion.


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