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7 Reasons Why You Must Include Ice In Your Beauty Routine

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While ice cubes may be bad for the throat, here’s some good news. They’re actually wonderful for your skin. Regardless of the weather, incorporating ice into your daily beauty regime can help keep your skin supple and youthful-looking. If you have oily skin (like me), good old ice cubes make for an ideal solution to reduce the production of sebum. Alternately, if you don’t have the time to pick up those makeup brushes and wands every day before you head out the door, you needn’t worry. To still look like a diva, all you need is a couple of ice cubes and a napkin.

From rejuvenating your skin to shrinking the size of your pores, there’s a lot these tiny cubes can do. However, remember to NEVER use ice cubes directly on your skin. If you do, you risk breaking the delicate capillaries under your skin. So always wrap the ice inside a napkin and work your way to flawless skin!

1. Refreshes The Skin

Ice cubes can really give your skin a fresh, dewy look. Wrap an ice cube or two in a cloth and dab it all over your face. When you step out of the door, you’re going to look fresh as a daisy! This is a great fix for whenever you’re hard-pressed for time.

2. Improves Blood Circulation

Rubbing your skin with ice, or icing as it’s now called, greatly improves blood circulation. I can’t stress enough on the importance of healthy blood flow in the body. Avoid looking pale and dull with this easy trick. Also, doing this naturally enables the skin to glow.

3. Soothes Tired Eyes

Had a particularly trying day at work? Don’t worry about it. Gently press some ice cubes against your tired lids. It’ll help calm you down and leave your eyes feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

4. Prevents Wrinkles

So ice can do this, too? It is believed that rubbing ice on your skin can greatly slow down the process of wrinkle formation. It can also ease the early signs of wrinkles. I’m getting out some ice already!

5. Controls Acne

Cold ice primarily helps bring down inflammations of any kind. So, if you notice a pimple cropping up on your face, act fast! Apply some ice over the area. This will bring down the inflammation and your pimple will clear away faster. Genius, right?

6. Smoothens Skin

Tired of rough, dry skin? Think of ice as a tightening agent. Ice can help shrink or reduce the size of your pores. This lets out all the unhealthy oiliness and dirt that your skin has collected over a period of time and helps make way for smoother, clearer skin.

7.  Treats Dark Circles

Sleepless nights + long hours of work = dreaded dark circles! Get rid of these with the help of ice. For best results, pour a few drops of rosewater inside your ice tray after you’ve poured in the water. It’ll really do wonders!


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