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#HauteHacks: How To Get Boxer Braids

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We’ve already told you that we’re bored of the same ol’ braid game. It’s been done to death and we’re done playing safe. This year, the #HauteSquad has decided to get a little experimental. From our clothes to our hair — we’re all set to switch it up.

And by now, you’ve already seen it all when it comes to braids. And TBH, a few us are still intimidated by braids and that’s okay because it’s not everybody’s cup of tea (or coffee, or whatever tickles your taste buds). So we’re not here to show you how to tie a basic braid. we’ve got our hack expert to show you how to rock a badass boxer braid aka Dutch Braid — which is way cooler than your regular one.

Here’s how you too can try out this cool girl look that’s been every fashionista’s go-to look of late. I mean, didn’t you itch to jump on to the braid bandwagon after ogling at Kim K and Alia Bhatt’s oh-so-cool twists? Yep, we know you did.

So here’s another #HauteHack on how to rock boxer braids like the boss babe we know you are!


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