Editor’s Pick: Simi’s Sexy But Subtle Holiday Fragrance

Editor’s Pick: Simi’s Sexy But Subtle Holiday Fragrance

Everyone has that one product they’re obsessed with: Mine is perfume. It’s the one thing I won’t blink before splurging on. I often have to suppress the urge to buy the latest launch when I go shopping — all thanks goes to my roomie, who helps me veer away from temptation during such trying times.

One person who nailed the sentiment behind perfume and the power it has to create lasting memories is Robert Ricci — the creator of Nina Ricci’s classic fragrance L’Air du Temps — who said: “A perfume is an act of love.” I definitely think perfumes have a way of getting to your heart, as cheesy as that may sound!


YSL Parisienne Pic_Hauterfly
YSL Pariesienne


And that brings me to YSL’s Parisienne, a perfume that is a beautiful blend of sexy yet subtle vibes in a chic bottle. It has top notes of cranberry and blackberry, with a heart of Damask rose blended with violet, peony, and patchouli, that slowly morphs into an erotic sandalwood blend post dry down. That explains the juxtaposition: Soft and romantic, it has a subtle masculine mystery that tops the feminine core. And it is this very contrast that makes me love it so much. YSL Parisienne is quite the showstopper!

SHOP NOW: YSL Parisienne (Rs 4,350)

Simi Kuriakose

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