#Dupesday: Farsali’s Rose Gold Elixir Has A Dupe That Will Give Your Skin The TLC It Deserves

#Dupesday: Farsali’s Rose Gold Elixir Has A Dupe That Will Give Your Skin The TLC It Deserves

As a 23-year-old, it’s become essential for me to take care of my skin, because you know I am getting old. I moisturise, I apply anything and everything that has the words “skincare” printed on them because why read when you can live on the edge? At one point, I think I was allergic to a skincare product as pimples established their homes on my face but it didn’t stop me from experimenting. Till the pimples and breakouts were setting up entire communities and I decided to gently step away from skincare.

I was so off skincare that I was willing to leave the house without sunscreen on. I am a daredevil, after all. Then, my skin started missing its skincare and I read online that one should start their skincare routine at the age of 25, so I thought about it deeply. And since I am an overachiever, I went back to try my hand at skincare, but this time I was smart. I chose my products wisely.

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Farsáli Rose Gold Elixir (Rs 4,750)

After watching many YouTube tutorials where beauty bloggers used Farsali Rose Gold Elixir, I decided I must try that as well, but sadly, at that time, it was still not available in India. That’s when my cousins who live Dubai came handy and I asked them to get me the small Farsali product because buying the 30ML bottle would mean I would have to marry a couple of Sheikhs, which I am not okay with.

It took a while for Farsali to come to me. Once it was given into my hand, I knew that I had to take care of it like a baby because A) I had invested my own money into this and B) It wasn’t available in India.

Even though I used very little of the Rose Gold Elixir, it worked like magic for me. Specks of gold in the oil was something I was more intrigued by. It looked really pretty. The packaging is small and it comes with a dropper, which allows you to pour the oil over your face in the quantity you like. Easy, right? I blended the oil all over my face and I realised that the oil was so lightweight it almost felt like I had nothing on my face. It definitely hydrated my skin and kept it supple. And I was even complimented on how my glow-y my skin was. Some thought that I had finally found a boy.

Now, when Farsali launched in India, I compared the prices and they were pretty much the same. I didn’t want to spend more on Farsali, cause then you know I get broke and all that. I looked at other options in other brands and I finally found one.

Indulgeo Essentials Rose Gold Oil (Rs 2,070)

It was Indulgeo’s Essentials Rose Gold Daily Oil. The 24K karat gold infused in the oil was easily absorbed into my skin which brought out the radiance, making my skin glow like never before. It also drenched my skin in moisture which was a great thing without making me look like a greasy mess. I really liked this and this one wouldn’t burn a huge hole in my pocket. For comparison,  the 30ml bottle of Farsali is for Rs 4750, whereas the 30ml bottle of Indulgeo costs only Rs. 2070, which is half, with the same benefits. If you are looking to start your skincare routine any time soon, then I suggest you invest in this product!

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