4 Mistakes You’re Probably Making While Make-Up Shopping

4 Mistakes You’re Probably Making While Make-Up Shopping

I still remember how buying my first coloured liquid eyeliner as a 13-year-old left me in tears. It was the most beautiful shade of copper I’d ever seen. I must mention here that I had never been to a make-up store until that moment, so it was THE first thing I saw, loved and bought — only to discover later a similar eyeliner from another brand that was 20 times cheaper. It put me off the eyeliner completely and it took some weeks before I could finally get over my disappointment and start using it.

That experience taught me that random buys where make-up is concerned can lead to heartache (and break the bank). Sure I learnt the hard way, but there’s absolutely no need for you to suffer the same way. Here’s how you can be a smart Sally when make-up shopping too.

1. The lighting isn’t right

This is literally the WORST mistake you can make. Department stores and make-up aisles always have soft, diffused lighting to make products look attractive. However, that’s also the reason why foundations, concealers and blushes can look deceptively flattering. Always stand by a window with natural light or step outside with your swatches to see if it is a true/better match in natural light.

2. You’re not doing your research

Sometimes, I’ve randomly found really cool products but these have mostly been budget buys. I NEVER buy a luxury product that an enthusiastic sales assistant shoves under my nose without reading a bunch of reviews first (if I have to skip a few meals to afford it, it had better be worth every penny!). Lipsticks and eyeshadows can be passed on to your mum, sisters or friends if they doesn’t suit you, but foundations and concealers can be a real waste of money when they aren’t right for you. Also, they cost a bomb. So if you’re investing in pricey products, be sure that they work for your skin type and tone. Do your research before buying. Always.

3. You’re not looking for deals

Online shopping is such a convenient thing. Plus there’s always some offer or discount going on to entice you to buy. Put your sleuthing skills to test and look for the best deals. Optimise your online shopping experience with these genius tricks.

4. You’re a slave to trends

I love it when my make-up is #onpoint. TBH, whenever I read about a new trend or trick I’m dying to try it. But spending a small fortune on a cobalt lipstick is stretching things a bit too far. Invest in staples, i.e. the key pieces you’ll wear on a regular basis. And try to get the most out of your products by making them do double duty. For example, invest in a good quality concealer palette and use it to conceal, contour and highlight!

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