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What Kind Of Relationship Do You Share With Your Ex?

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Every breakup is painful. It involves lots of crying, anger, drunk texting and tubs of ice cream. Slowly but surely, you start to see that, perhaps, this wasn’t the best person for you. That they had flaws you hadn’t seen. You start to see them as humans. Of course, once you are over them and they have receded into the ex territory, things can get really tricky. For example, what kind of relationship are you going to share with them now?

Can you be friends? Will you be awkward around each other? Or will you simply learn to ignore them and move on? This is a space that’s kind of undefined. But even if you don’t know what to call them or how you are placed with them, you know that it can get weird. And somewhere in this video, you will find a relationship that’s you guys.

Watch and be amused!

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