Why Did ICC Suspend Indian Women’s Cricket Team Captain Harmanpreet Kaur From 2 International Matches?

Twitter is divided!

Some unfortunate series of events have led to India’s fine player in the women’s team Harmanpreet Kaur’s suspension. The news broke out on July 26, after India’s match with Bangladesh during the third ODI. The decision to suspend Harmanpreet Kaur was taken by the ICC board members after the player broke some rules and also demeaned the umpire during her speech after the match ended. The player also to had to bear fines from her match’s fee.

Harmanpreet Kaur is the captain of the Indian women’s cricket team and is one of the finest players that the country. Unfortunately, she has been suspended from the next two International matches on grounds of breaching ICC’s code of conduct. During the India and Bangladesh match, Harmanpreet Kaur was bowled during the 34h over by spinner Nahida Akhtar. Out of extreme frustration of getting out, she hit the stump hard with her bat, and that was her first breach. For this, the player was also charged a 50 per cent fine that will be taken from her match fee, and three discredit points were also added to her record.

Her second breach was when she insulted the match’s umpire during her speech at the end of the match. Harmanpreet Kaur called the umpire “Pathetic”, and this was not taken lightly by the ICC. She expressed her extreme disappointment in the umpire’s decision and was charged an additional 25 per cent fine from her fee. One demerit point was added to her record for this too!


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Harmanpreet Kaur will no longer be seen in the next two International games and she has accepted the consequences of her actions too. Well, the opinions on this remained divided on Twitter. Some people came out in support of Harmanpreet whereas some called her “Arrogant”.


It’s sad, isn’t it?

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