Reddit User Shares Updates In Mumbai Girl Raped By Instagram Friend Case: “Loaded Lifestyle Is Helping Accused”

We hope justice prevails
Reddit User Shares Updates In Mumbai Girl Raped By Instagram Friend Case: “Loaded Lifestyle Is Helping Accused”

Mumbai is generally considered to be the safest city for girls in India. But the recent rape case of a 21-year-old girl in the City Of Dreams yet again proved that no place in the country is safe for women. The girl shared her ordeal through an Instagram post and the horrific details made each woman boil with anger. There have been some updates on the court hearings of the case and it was shared by a Reddit user who also discussed how the rich lifestyle of the alleged accused is favouring him.

Mumbai Rape Case Updates

A Reddit user started a discussion on the Mumbai rape case of a 21-year-old girl by her social media friend. The user highlighted how many people firmly believe that money and power can help the alleged accused get away with the crime. The user supported the girl’s decision to speak up about the incident on social media and wrote that she would have been well aware of the powers the boy came with. The Reddit user firmly stated that the girl wanted to show the world that money cannot save people who are accused of such heinous crimes. The user further emphasised that the alleged accused was a repeat offender and deserved to be behind bars. The Reddit user also urged people to spread the woman’s story as much as possible. The user further informed us that the court hearing was adjourned on February 6 and pushed to February 15. The user also wrote how the alleged accused got more time to roam around freely and all this because he comes from a “Loaded” background.

Mumbai Rape Case(Bastian Rape Case) Update
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Many users extended support for the girl. We too hope that justice prevails in this case.

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