People Of Twitter Celebrate Rose Day Like Roz Jaisa Day With Hilarious Memes!

Is it Roze Day for you too?
People Of Twitter Celebrate Rose Day Like Roz Jaisa Day With Hilarious Memes!

We have officially begun Valentine’s week on its set schedule. For years the week has proven to be expensive for couples. However, it has continued to be rather humorous for singles. Today is Rose Day and with blessings from Sallu Bhai, the single squad has flooded the platform X (previously Twitter) with memes and funny takes. Here’s a list of memes and various interpretations of the day that you shouldn’t miss. 


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This year, the audience is all about replacing roses with everything else in the world. It is even possible for it to be replaced by Lotus Day. Until now, peeling oranges was a green flag, we have a literal green vegetable now. Twitter users make coriander as the ultimate gift now. Well, it does make sense, to choose a green flag (dhaniya) over a red flag (red rose). At the same time, it is commendable how Twitter users also make Bollywood references on point. We can’t help but agree on how accurately each category is described. Although the day is totally trending on Twitter, singles are totally have their moment, as one user ask what’s the need for the day to be trending when they can’t even celebrate it. 


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Honestly, it was an average Wednesday for me until I opened Twitter. It is just the first day of Valentine’s week and Twitter has already honed the responsibility of making our mood light while our pockets are already getting lighter. Which gang are you part of ‘Rose Day’ or ‘Roze Day’?

So, how are you celebrating Rose Day?

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