Desi Twitter Lists Celeb Names That Resemble Food. We’re Laughing And Hungy!

We stan the creativity!
Desi Twitter Lists Celeb Names That Resemble Food. We’re Laughing And Hungy!

Food is the pehela saccha pyaar we all have, hai na? No matter what happens in our life, food always stands by us to comfort us. You may or may not have someone to lend you their shoulder to cry on but you’ll always have comfort food to get you through. No wonder some of us spend all our time thinking about food and trying new food items. Someone just like us took to Twitter to have a little fun. A Twitter user asked netizens to name a celeb whose name is close to a food item and I promise you, the replies have our sides in splits. And that’s not all, the Twitter user started by naming a celeb – Archana Puran Poli.

Replying to the Tweet, several users named celebs whose names are like food items and their creativity has blown us away. From Aamras Puri to Aishwarya Rye to Farsan Akhtar to Anupam Kheer, netizens seem to be having a gala time turning celeb names into food items. But the best one we’ve seen so far is Jackie Chaap, Rajma Yadav and get this – Quiche-ore Kumar! Who would’ve thought Twitter users could get so creative?

And the replies being shared by Twitter users continue to get better as you scroll through them. There’s Tigmanshu Daliya and then comes our ultimate favourite actor, Shah Rukh Khandvi while others couldn’t think beyond Shah Rukh Khana. That was witty, hai na?

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In case you think netizens only named Bollywood celebs, you couldn’t be more wrong. Twitter users got creative with Punjabi, South Indian and Hollywood celebs as well. From Robert Brownie Jr to Aloo Arjun to Gol Gappe Garewal.

But the one most interesting thing that caught our attention was a user who decided to name a landmark location – Bhurji Khalifa!

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Psst…we also got a whiskey Kaushal!

Netizens really have us cracking up while making us kaafi hungry!

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