Street Food Vendor Makes ThumsUp Paani Puri, And We Don’t Want To Taste This Thunder!

What in the name of fusion is this?
Street Food Vendor Makes ThumsUp Paani Puri, And We Don’t Want To Taste This Thunder!

Ask any random person what their favourite chaat food is, and I am sure nine out of 10 people will name paani puri! This hit street food remains a favourite of chote, bade and even buzurgs! Lately, we are seeing a lot of experimentation when it comes to paani puri. There are new flavours introduced and the ones which have gone on to be a hit among paani puri lovers are garlic flavour, meetha paani, jeera paani and hing. These are still bearable because the paani has flavour and honestly, the masala wala paani is exactly what adds zing to the dish. But a viral video on Twitter shows a street food vendor making paani puri using ThumsUp, and well Internet users are not liking it.

In the video, the vendor pours ThumpsUp in a bowl and adds some masalas to it. Then, he goes on to make the puri normally with potato filling. He dips the puri in the ThumsUp water and gives to a woman who looked very excited to try this new flavoured paani puri. Her verdict after having the first puri was that she loved it very much.

Internet users rushed to criticise how the best foods are always experimented with, and that they should be left alone. A lot of comments on the post were just people commenting stop like it is a petition to stop vendors from coming with new versions of paani puri. A podcast producer commented that she would not be able to sleep after seeing this video, while another wrote that it was only a matter of time when paani puri would not be spared from the clutches of experimenters. See the reactions of Twitter users on this new flavour of paani puri below.

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I mean, come on. Paani puri lovers are a cult and if they decide to boycott this version, which I think they should, the ThumsUp flavour of paani puri will be wiped off the face of the Earth! I am worried how chocolate has become a favourite of street food vendors, aerated drinks should not be next! And if I find any other soft drink used in ruining any other food, mujhe khudko nahi pata main kya kar dungi!”

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