Father Shares List Of Foodie Demands By Daughter Returning From Hostel. Twitter Relates!

Ye dukh koi nahi samajhta!
Father Shares List Of Foodie Demands By Daughter Returning From Hostel. Twitter Relates!

Trust me, you will only know the worth and value of home-cooked food when you start living away from your family. Apart from the happiness of meeting my parents, siblings, and pet, I definitely look forward to all the delicious food I will be served with. Well, and this is just not me, okay? Anyone staying from home has a list of food demands ready before going home. And proof of this has also been shared by a father on Twitter. It is seriously cuteness overloaded!

A Twitter user shared a screenshot of a conversation with his daughter who has been away from home for her higher studies. The screenshot is a list of all the delicacies that she wishes to eat once she arrives home. The Twitter user mentioned in the tweet that his daughter is coming home after five long months and has made this demand. In fact, the daughter also asked for the message to be acknowledged. Well, I absolutely relate to the feelings of the daughter here, the craving for home food is real when you are living all by yourself. And the reality of hostel food is anyways not hidden from the world. The father very cutely refers to his daughter as “Bhukkad-Bhikari.” Just to clarify, people like us are really not offended, because home is the only place where we can shamelessly be bhukkad

This tweet was received with a lot of love and warmth. Many other users came up to share their lists of food items sent by their children. Users also realised that they are not the only ones who make such requests from their parents before reaching home. The relatability was max!

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This was just heartwarming, now let me go make my list!

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