Afghani Athlete Calls Taliban’s University Education Ban “Disaster”

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Afghani Athlete Calls Taliban’s University Education Ban “Disaster”

If you know anything about Afghanistan, then you should know that the word ‘women’s rights’ does not exist in that country and we can blame the Taliban for it. Since their takeover, they never have missed a chance to ban everything and anything that is related to women and girls without any valid reason. Recently, the Taliban banned university education for women. After the announcement, Nilofar Bayat, the former captain of Afghanistan’s wheelchair basketball team called the education ban a “disaster.”

The former captain of Afghanistan’s wheelchair basketball team, Nilofar Bayat recently criticised the Taliban’s ban on university education for women. The athlete is also a two-time war victim in Afghanistan, she called the ban on women’s education a disaster. In an interview, Bayat said that she feels the Taliban is pushing women with such restrictions. She mentioned that she thinks women are no longer a part of Afghanistan’s society as they are adding new rules and new restrictions every day.

Furthermore, Nilofar Bayat added that their next step would be not allowing Afghani women to breathe or exist in society. According to the India Today report, Bayat said that the Taliban will never change and they are the same terrorists they were 25 years ago.
Meanwhile, Rishi Sunak, the Prime Minister of Britain expressed sympathy for the female students of Afghanistan. In a tweet, Sunak mentioned that the women of Afghanistan have so much to offer and how denying them access to university is a grave step backwards. He added that the whole world is watching the Taliban and they will judge them by their actions.

Many countries are criticising the Taliban’s decision as it violates basic human rights.

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