Raksha Bandhan 2023: Hilarious Memes And Wishes To Send To Your Brothers And Sisters!

Make your siblings laugh on Raksha Bandhan!

Raksha Bandhan is a festival that celebrates the bond between siblings and it is one of the highly anticipated festivals of the year. The Tom and Jerry cartoon perfectly symbolises the siblings’ relationship because the two cannot live under the same roof and also cannot live without each other. You are not true bhais and behens if you don’t fight, tease and annoy them! On Raksha Bandhan, you send sweet messages to your siblings, right? But how about you send funny messages and wishes to your siblings instead? Well, look no further because here are some hilarious wishes and memes you can send your siblings on this day!

This meme is perfect to send to brothers because they literally sit like this when you do their aarti.

Whenever there is a festival, Cadbury is a huge part of your celebration.

There’s also a FRIENDS reference in this Raksha Bandhan wish which you and your siblings will relate to.

Another wish your brother or elder sibling could send you has a KBC connection!

As a sister, you can surely send this one to your brother because it is your birthright to annoy your brother.

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This one is for all the sisters who earn as much as a side income after all the cash they will be getting after Raksha Bandhan.

Your Raksha Bandhan is incomplete if you don’t send this classic joke to your siblings!

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Another Raksha Bandhan message that you can send to your sibling is – Rakhi Bandhan is a reminder that you have to thank God because you have me.

One of the hilarious Raksha Bandhan wishes that all brothers and sisters can send to each other is – Your life was all dull and boring before me so you should thank me for the joy I bring!

Go ahead and save these funny wishes and memes so that you send them to your siblings on the big day!

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