Man Stabs Woman 50 Times For Avoiding Him. Male Fragility And Entitlement Continues!

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Man Stabs Woman 50 Times For Avoiding Him. Male Fragility And Entitlement Continues!

Anything and everything is maaf in love, but first know if it is love or not. I mean, this latest case from Delhi has brought a wave of shock to our screens. In a new turn of events, it was reported that a man stabbed a woman over 50 times. Why? Because she avoided him. As bizarre as it sounds, the incident was brought under the spotlight, when after four days of killing the woman to death, her body was found in northwest Delhi’s Shakur Basti.

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As per the police investigation, the culprit here is a 21-year-old man, who claimed that he was friends with this woman for over a year and a half, but soon the woman started avoiding conversations with him. After digging a little deeper, police found out that the man learnt about her multiple affairs with other men, and asked her to meet her for the one last time, with the aim of stabbing her. After researching the case through multiple footage, police found the 21-year-old, who later confessed to having committed the crime.

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After investigation, the police found out that the man first met her in his native village in Bihar during the wedding festivities of his elder sister. The culprit here–Kumar, had purchased two knives from a local vendor at Rani Bagh Market, called the woman to the isolated region around Budh Vihar Nala, and tried convincing her to stay with him in a shared accommodation. After refusing to do so, he took her to an isolated railway yard and stabbed her to death. Police reported that he killed her so badly, that there wasn’t even a single body part, that wasn’t stabbed.

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