Man Is More Ashamed Of Uorfi Javed’s Clothes Hurting India’s Pride Than Men Committing Crimes Against Women

Men are definitely making India proud!
Man Is More Ashamed Of Uorfi Javed’s Clothes Hurting India’s Pride Than Men Committing Crimes Against Women

On Monday, Uorfi Javed made headlines and this time it wasn’t over being trolled or morally policed for her fashion choices but this time it was for calling out a man who tried to shame her for her personal choice. The actress was busy interacting with paparazzi at the airport when a man (who had no business running his mouth) decided to attack the former Bigg Boss OTT contestant for her choice of clothing and pointed out how she is spoiling our country’s name by wearing revealing clothes. But the actress did not back down and slammed the man in response.


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In a video shared by paparazzi, Uorfi Javed can be seen speaking to them when an onlooker, a man scowls at her and tells her that she is spoiling India’s name by wearing “such” clothes. FYI, the actress was wearing a flowy backless dress when the man told her, “Allowed nahi hai aisa kapda India mein”. The man then went on to scowl at her and told her that she’s putting India to shame with her sartorial choices but Uorfi was quick to turn around and call him out by asking him what his problem is and told him to mind his own business. In response, the man repeated himself and someone from the actress’ team intervenes and tells him to walk away and mind his own business. Now, it’s no surprise that neither the onlookers (who were standing and recording and grinning) intervened to stop the man nor did the papay5razzi who were present at the spot of incident. So, proud of them!


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I’m glad Uorfi Javed called this man out. However, I couldn’t help but notice how the man attacked the actress for putting the entire country to shame with her choice of clothing. Now what’s interesting about this entire situation is the fact that this man (who happens to be a victim of systematic patriarchy) thinks that our country’s name and “izzat” are so fragile that a woman’s choice of clothes will make a `difference. Further, why does the “izzat” of a family, community, region or country rest on the shoulders of a woman? As a woman, I don’t remember womankind signing up for this! And what does “allowed nahi hai” mean? Who made this rule?


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Chalo, thik hai. As women, we’ll carry our share of the burden of this country’s izzat on our shoulders but what about men? Why hasn’t anyone told them that they need to carry this burden just as much and behave themselves? Dear Uncle, aren’t Indian men putting our country’s name to shame by going abroad and misbehaving with women? And what about all the Indian men who misbehave, sexually assault, rape and molest foreign tourists in India? I’m sure you’ve heard or read about all the cases happening across the country.

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We all remember the Korean Youtuber incident. So proud of Indian men behaving like that, aren’t we (ICYMI, note the sarcasm)? Aren’t you ashamed of people who welcomed the rapists of Gujarat riot gang-rape survivor Bilkis Bano with garlands? I don’t hear you complaining about how a convicted rapist and murderer, Gurmeet Ram Rahim is repeatedly out on parole.  Neither do we hear this man complain about men and their sense of entitlement. Isn’t the Manipur incident a black spot on our pride and izzat? And FFS, how is it that the pride of an entire country with a population of over 142 crores rests on the shoulders of women and I don’t hear anyone complain about men and their behaviour?

Who’s going to give Uncle a reality check?

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