Three Men On Bike Chase Woman In Bengaluru. How Long Will Men Continue To Terrorise Women?

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Three Men On Bike Chase Woman In Bengaluru. How Long Will Men Continue To Terrorise Women?

Cases related to women’s safety aren’t a new issue in our country, each day we hear stories about harassment around us. Recently another such incident took place in Bengaluru, Karnataka. Three bikers in Bengaluru allegedly harassed a group of women inside a car on the Koramangala-Madiwala route. This incident, which took place on a Sunday night, gained widespread attention following the circulation of a video capturing this unsettling encounter.

In the said video, one of the men on the bike is seen attempting to open a car door while the car and the bike are still in motion. The video showed a scene of fear and desperation as one of the women inside the car was heard crying out for help while driving and pleading to call the police. The bikers relentlessly pursued the car demanding the woman to open the door. Their actions escalated to the point of blocking the car’s path and engaging in aggressive behaviour. This left the women feeling vulnerable and unsafe.

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This just like many other incidents is a reminder of the very real and deadly threats that women face in our society, on a daily basis. Behind these headlines and viral videos, are women whose lives are deeply impacted at a point where it becomes hard for them to live their lives the same way again. Every woman deserves to feel safe and respected, but clearly, there is no place a woman can go to in this country to feel fully safe.

While it’s commendable that the Bengaluru police responded swiftly to this incident and took the accused in, we have to acknowledge that more needs to be done to address this issue. Sadly, most cases of harassment and such gender-based violence go unnoticed and women live all their lives feeling guilty for the crimes of other ill-mannered men. These are more than just headlines, these are the lives of innocent women who no longer feel safe in their own homes after such incidents. Check out Hauterrfly’s 2 AM stories to know more about women’s safety in Bengaluru.

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