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This Company Allows Its Employees To Take Leaves To Masturbate. Is This For Real?

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If you are desi, you know that talking about sex isn’t a thing in our households. In fact, even acknowledging the fact that having sexual needs is a natural, biological phenomenon, is something we ignore. But the thing is, being physically satisfied and getting your fair share of orgasms is conducive to being healthy and happy in life. Your stress is reduced, your oxytocin levels are elevated and you’re less cranky to people around you. What’s even better is that because you’re content and rejuvenated, your productivity levels are high. Except that most companies don’t understand this concept of self-care (or any other for that matter). It’s not like we can take a leave, saying we need some time to love ourselves. Unless you work at this sex toy company called Lelo (what an unintended pun!) So while I am sitting on my desk, cursing the week because it’s only Tuesday, some lucky employee has probably taken a paid leave for masturbation.

This company based in UK is normalising masturbation (we do but we don’t say!) and it’s not just by selling sex toys. They are encouraging their employees to take time off, to indulge in orgasms, unabashedly. This is the most revolutionary shit I have heard today! Calling it the “self-love days”, you can take four days off in a year to physically satisfy yourself. Of course, you also have other leave allowances too. So if you feel you haven’t done it in a while and it’s just a lot of pent up energy, you can just openly let the HR know that you’re going to get some DIY action today! I am sure, unlike in India, nobody over there will look at that employee shocked, as if they have just pulled off a bank heist.

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Lelo (I just can’t!) understands that there are several physical and mental health benefits of orgasms and this policy will only help make the staff more rejuvenated at work. If this company is ever going to come to India, I am definitely going to send in my application. I would like some days dedicated to orgasms too! Till then, can we at least have more companies offering mental health days in India? Then, it’s up to us on how to “relieve our stress.”

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