Should You Breakup Before Valentine’s Day Or After? Here’s What We Think

Either ways it is going to hurt!
Should You Breakup Before Valentine’s Day Or After? Here’s What We Think

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love that can feel like a ticking time bomb if you’re considering ending your relationship.  Breaking up after Valentine’s Day might leave you in an awkward position while breaking up before Valentine’s Day might give the impression of escaping. The dilemma of whether to break up before or after February 14 is more common than you might think, and it’s a decision that weighs heavily on the heart. But we got you. Here’s how you can make this tough decision. 


What If You Break Up Before Valentine’s Day?

There’s something to be said for choosing honesty over timing. If your heart’s no longer in it, it’s probably kindest to part ways before Valentine’s Day. This avoids the awkwardness of pretending everything is fine when it’s not and prevents both of you from investing in a day that doesn’t reflect your true feelings. While it might seem harsh, it’s actually a gesture of respect, saving your partner from the added hurt of a holiday breakup and the expense of gifts and plans meant to celebrate a love that is no longer there.

Breaking Up After Valentine’s Day

On the flip side, if the relationship ends on relatively good terms, you might consider waiting. This allows for one last hurrah, a final celebration of good times before you both move on.  However, tread carefully. This decision, while both well-intentioned, can backfire., making the eventual breakup even more painful by adding a layer of pretence to your last memories together.

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The Verdict

No size fits all. The most important thing is to approach the situation with kindness and honesty. If a break-up is on the horizon, consider your partner’s feelings and your own integrity. Would you both benefit from a clean break-up before the holiday or is there value in marking Valentine’s Day together?  Whatever you decide, let empathy and sincerity lead the way. 

TBH, the best gift you can give to your partner on Valentine’s Day or any day is honesty. So, lead with that. 

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