Is He ‘The One’? 6 Signs That He Is Your Soulmate!

Soulmate energy only!

Love feels like the best feeling when you meet the right person, right? I do believe that your partner’s behaviour affects yours too and also impacts how you view the whole concept of soulmates. Soulmates. Sounds like a dramatic term and also heavy on commitment, right? But as they say, you have to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince and if you already are in a relationship, it is not too hard to find out if he is your soulmate or not! Yep, you just have to see if he checks these five boxes and you will have your answer!

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1. He solves problems with you

If your partner solves problems with you and tries to understand why you are upset instead of saying, “Babe, calm down” or “You are overreacting”, he is the one! He does not dismiss your emotions and feels the need to validate them, then, husband him up, sis!

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2. He is a great listener

If your partner or better half, if I may, is patient with you and listens to what you have to say, he is your soulmate for sure! No matter what you are ranting to him about, be it your workload, a b****y friend, or how the waiter got your order wrong if he listens to it all without interrupting you and dropping the right responses, he is the right one!

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3. Helps with household chores

If your partner lends a hand in the household chores even at times without you asking him to do so, diya leke dhoondo na toh bhi nahi milega aisa partner! He helps you without thinking that this is your job and you should do it alone. That maturity proves he is your soulmate!

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4. Loves you in your love language

Everyone has a different love language, right? But your partner truly loves you if they love you in your love language. For instance, if you like having homemade food, and your partner attempts to cook something for you or if you like to be physically touched and he holds your hand or kisses your forehead, he is your guy forever!

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5. Is attentive to your needs in and out of bed

If your partner understands your moods and what you need at times like these, he truly loves you and is your soulmate! Also, if he is attentive to your needs in bed, and gives you the most heavenly orgasms, it is time to put a ring on it!

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6. He NEVER judges you

No matter what you do, if your partner never judges you for your behaviour (even if you murdered someone, he will help you bury the body, just kidding), he is your soulmate, behen! You can be your true self in front of him, and he will love you even more for who you are!

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Look for these five signs in your partner to know if he is your soulmate or if he is just fooling around!

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