5 Signs Your Partner Is Going To Break Up With You!

We'er sorry if you felt any of the point relatable!

Relationships are a two-way street which is sure to fall apart if efforts are only put in by one person. Communication, love and most importantly trust are what keep a relationship healthy in the long run. I am not saying there should not be arguments or fights. No, but both parties should find healthy ways to come back to each other after one. But you can always sense that things are not going the way they were, and you are dreading if bae is going to drop the B word, as in break up, yaa! Anyway, if you are not sure here are 5 signs that your partner is soon going to say “khatam” “tata” and “bye-bye” to you!

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1. Bae is not reconciling things with you after a fight

One of the crystal clear signs that bae is not into you anymore is when they are not too keen on reconciling things with you after a fight. There are no calls or messages and even their response to your messages when you want to make things right is not as positive as it was before.

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2. There are no more “future” plans

If you and your partner made plans to be together in the future, and these conversations have stooped, then, I am sorry to say this but the end of the relationship is here.

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3. No more quality time

If you and your partner have begun seeing each other less every passing day, then, that day is not too far when bae will not want to see you anymore at all. There are no more date nights and you feel you are not spending enough time with each other, then, my friend, it might be time your partner is keeping distance from you.

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4. They are constant disagreements

There is no common ground that you and your partner can arrive at and you’ll are constantly arguing even over the littlest of things. Seeing eye-to-eye or at least understanding each other’s POV is very important in a relationship. If your partner says you don’t understand them anymore, you need to understand that they are not yours anymore!

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5. Significantly acting differently in front of others

If your partner is acting strange like not willing to hold hands in public but they used to do it before or are not too keen on introducing you to people in their circle, it is plain as day that they do not want to be seen with you. So, a break-up is on the horizon!

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I am sorry, ladies, if you felt even one of these points was relatable. But there is no pointing hiding from the truth. It is better you sit down with your partner and discuss the future of your relationship instead of waiting for them to say it. Rip that bandaid ASAP, sis!

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