How To Innoncently Flirt With Your Crush And Give Him Butterflies!

Flirt without being obvious!

We all hear people talking and giving advice about how to get a girl or how to flirt but no one really tells the women how to get a guy! And historically, women have been known to be the ones to make the first move. Back in the day, women would “drop” their handkerchiefs before a man to express their interest and make a subtle first move. But it’s not like we can drop a handkerchief in today’s day and age and make a move on someone. This is why we need some subtle flirting tips to innocently flirt with a guy and give him butterflies without making it obvious. So, without further ado, read on to give him butterflies along with a subtle hint that you’re interested.

Tips To Innocently Flirt With Him!

1. Eyes are supposed to be the window to the soul so, put them to use. Make eye contact with him and give him a compliment but do not look away till he does. But don’t be creepy about it. Gently look into his eyes while you compliment him till he looks away. Don’t forget to smile.

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2. Give him a long, tight hug. A little extra long hug can not only be comforting but it also releases stress as well as the happy hormone, oxytocin. Remember to wear a light perfume and wash your hair with a shampoo and conditioner that smells nice. You definitely want him to associate the smell of your hair with comfort.

3. Don’t hold his hand, hold his arm instead. More so if he works out and has biceps. Touching his arm is a good way to flirt with him and it also tells him that you trust him and depend on him.

4. Try the triangle eye contact flirting technique. Start by focusing on one eye and then shift the focus to the other and then to his lips. Do this repeatedly during the conversation.

5. If you’re feeling seductive, feel free to bring some focus to your lips as you try the triangular eye contact technique by applying a lip balm or lipstick. You can also simply lick your lips or gently bite them if you feel like going all out.

6. Give him opportunities to help you. If not a handkerchief, feel free to drop your things but don’t forget to bend over to pick them up really slowly. If he tries to help you, let him but don’t shy away from letting your hands touch or from looking into his eyes and smiling as you pick your things up.

7. A little stumble never hurt anyone. Act clumsily in front of your crush and let him save you every time you stumble or are about to fall and make sure to get flirty when you thank him.

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8. Touch your hair more than you touch him while talking to him. Move a lock of hair behind your hair or tie them up or maybe even open your hair while you talk to him. But avoid playing with your hair like Komolika. That’s not the vibe we’re looking for!

Now that you, ladies, are ready to flirt with your crush, get to it. Do let us know how it goes with him!

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