Men Reveal What Gives A Guy Butterflies And It’s So Cute

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I am one of those people who gets very dreamy when she is falling for someone. There are times when you will see me partially lost in thought. I could be sitting at home but mentally I could be on a romantic getaway with bae. I just can’t hide it! If I am reading a text, you can actually tell if it is from a love interest or the rest of the world. In fact, sometimes, when I am right across the room from bae and responding to his text, I have to hide my smile because I am pricey like that. But what gives a guy butterflies?

Yet, I find it really surprising that men don’t show their feelings so much. I remember asking my love interest if he daydreams about me and he was like obviously. Then he went on to tell me what he thinks and what makes him feel butterflies. And I was so surprised. I could never tell that he be even feeling any caterpillars there!

Honestly, I get very surprised each time; it can never get old for me! Each time I am told about the things I do that give him butterflies, I just have the widest smile and tiny hearts on my eyes! But really, is it just the guys I have dated, or do most of them really don’t talk about the butterflies they get?

Sometimes, you stumble upon a thread on Reddit that gives you insider access into the minds of these adorable men we date. I mean, yup there are terrible men out there but I am talking about those that make for good partners and are really sweet. They are rare and thus, under-represented. So here’s to the men who are not afraid to admit that they are smitten by their partners. And here’s them opening up about what gives a guy butterflies!


  1. Running your fingers through his hair

It’s sweet how most guys just go weak when their girlfriends do anything with their hair. “Do anything with my hair and I go wild,” a user wrote. Another guy specified, “Run your fingers through my hair.” Well, I really like doing that to my partner and I think it’s just adorable for both of us. Of course, this is what gives a guy butterflies and you the satisfaction to be the reason behind their fluttering!

  1. Tight hugs

I am a sucker for hugs! But being a good hugger, those lukewarm ones just don’t do anything for me anymore. Real, tight, long hugs have healing properties. And thankfully, men love those too! A user wrote how he loves it when his girlfriend hugs him tight and then rests on his shoulder. Several men vouched for this to be true! And to think about how our society stereotypes men as having no softness in their hearts!

  1. Good eye contact

A user wrote, “Looks into my eyes and smiles,” speaking of what his girlfriend does that gives him butterflies. I believe in the power of a good eye contact. It’s really special when you catch him looking at you. But it’s even more special when you are in a place where you can hold eye contact, comfortably. That’s intimacy!

  1. Little gestures of affection

“Small gestures of affection. One girl I was dating loved to hold hands when we were walking together in the city and it was comforting and reassuring,” a user wrote. “Fingernails/tips on the back of my neck,” another user added. It is really sweet, right? These little expressions of love and affection, that don’t scream sexual but are just so comforting. No wonder it is what gives a guy butterflies.

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  1. Remembering little things he says

“When she remembers the cute things I say to her,” a user wrote. It feels special when your partner remembers the little things you do or say.

So here’s the thing! Men and women both feel butterflies over the same things. I bet women feel special with these very things. And as much as our society has trained men to hide their vulnerable side, they love these little things too! Dear men, feel free to wear your heart on your sleeves, we won’t mind! It’s actually nice if they tell us what gives a guy butterflies and we don’t have to get our insider tips from an anonymous Reddit thread.

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