Are You Dating A Psychopath? 7 Warning Signs To Look Out For

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Are You Dating A Psychopath? 7 Warning Signs To Look Out For

Contrary to what most people might think, psychopaths aren’t all serial killers or serious criminals. Psychopathy is a mental condition that could happen to anyone. It can be conniving people from your college who never get caught, the cousin who gets away with everything, or perhaps even the hot barista that served you coffee this morning. They look and mostly act just like you and me, but alas, they don’t have a conscience and they also tend to lack certain emotions. But, it’s very easy for a psychopath to just live through life without being caught since they tend to be sharp, charming, and intelligent and they camouflage as easily as tigers.

This means that you probably wouldn’t be able to identify if the person you’re dating is a psychopath until your beautiful love story turns into a manipulative and chaotic nightmare. Doesn’t sound like the dream, does it? So, how can you realise that you might be dating a psychopath?

7 Signs That You Might Be Dating A Psychopath

1. They Reel Your In With Love Bombing

One of the most common identifying factors is that psychopaths tend to rush through everything. They move very fast which is why they tell you how you both are a perfect match and show you by turning into a version of you, like a chameleon. They mirror everything that you’re excited about and everything that you hate, too. They idealise you and use flattery to reel you in.

2. They Toy With Your Emotions All The Time

Once you’re reeled in and hooked, they tend to start paying with your emotions. They ignore you and make you feel awful, they make you crave attention and then, they suddenly give you attention, making your emotions rock like a pendulum. This is all just an emotional game for them. They make you feel like you might be PMS-ing all the damn time. They provoke you and then blame you for being all over the place.

3. They Attack Your Heart With Pity

Whenever you feel awful about your relationship and want to get out of it, they start telling you sad stories about their past. They start crying, make you feel sad and of course, prey on your sympathy. They force you to form and find a soft spot for them, in your heart. This makes you feel like they need you.

4. They Try To Constantly Fabricate Reality

It’s very common for psychopaths to try to make their versions of reality. They are very manipulative and emotionally abuse you to believe everything they say because come on, you’re dumb. They hate it when you try to prove them wrong. Alas, they condition you to believe that the problem isn’t the abuse but instead, the way you react to it.

5. The Lying Comes Naturally To Them

They are master manipulators and pathological liars. They are always lying about everything. They always have an excuse for everything in the world. They make up these lies faster than you can frame the questions to ask them. It’s like they are always blaming others. Sounds awful, doesn’t it?

6. They Teach You To Dislike Yourself

They literally teach you how to fall out of love with yourself. This means that they constantly criticise you and attack your self-esteem as a whole. This means they ignore your happiness and best qualities and instead, always talk about and target your insecurities. Soon enough, your personality becomes different and unrecognisable.

7. They Aren’t Scared To Get Physical

With psychopaths, it’s very easy for them to get physical. This means that they can slap you or hurt you physically from time to time. Following this moment, once they calm down, they will chase after you and constantly apologise to win you back. So, you always end up forgiving them and this becomes a sad cycle.

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If you do end up finding out that you’re dating a psychopath, it’s about time to calm down and leave them. These abusive relationships make you the victim and sadly enough, in some rare cases, this happens too. After all, we all deserve love, happiness and real affection. Don’t settle for any less!

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