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8 Signs Your Partner Is A Keeper

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So, it’s been a few months that you’ve been with this guy, and things have been great! Congratulations! Now, you’re thinking maybe there is potential here… maybe something more than just a fling, something long-term, something forever? But, how do you know if the butterflies aren’t just from the honeymoon phase? Maybe these signs that he’s a keeper will help you figure it out.

1. It makes him happy to see you happy 
Regardless of whether he is the source of your happiness or not. If he takes joy in you feeling good, then he genuinely cares about your happiness, and that’s what you want in a partner.


2. You don’t feel that you have to take things forward
A relationship shouldn’t be forced. If he is someone who believes in the fact that feelings evolve and people change, and love should be based on mutuality and not obligation, then keep him.

3. He wants you to succeed
He wants you to have a career, and do well. For yourself. He wants you to be independent not because he doesn’t want to take care of you, but for your own well-being.

4. Things started out slow 
This quality of a relationship is the direct result of the people in it. Having passionate feelings is not the same as starting a relationship with fireworks. Maybe there were intense feelings, but both of you took your own sweet time in letting things develop.

5. He is proud to be with you 
You’re not in a grey zone with him where you wonder where you stand exactly. You are his girlfriend, and he is proud of that. He wants to tell the world the two of you are an item.

6. He appreciates you and all that you bring to his life
He knows that the love you shower over him is not something he is entitled to, but something he has earned, and must keep on earning. He appreciates everything that you do for him, and doesn’t hesitate to let you know this.

7. You look forward to spending time with him
The thought of being around him is exciting, even if you are going to be around him wearing your pyjamas, and doing nothing. As long as you’re together.

8. All these things apply to you as well 
That is, you want to see him happy. You want him to succeed. You are proud to be with him, and you appreciate him and the ways in which he makes your life better.

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