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5 Zodiac Signs That Make Possessive Lovers

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I find a little possessiveness adorable. There’s nothing wrong with being possessive of someone you love. But there’s a difference between that and control. If my bae gets a little jealous when another guy is trying to hit on me, I find it cute. But if he starts accusing me of being promiscuous, act like I cheated on him and worry if I talk to any guy whatsoever, God, that’s ugly! I want someone who is crazy about me, not batshit crazy in general.

Well, I am a little possessive myself. Maybe it’s because of my partially, mildly anxious attachment style. Like I have come a long way; I have evolved! I used to be much more insecure than I am now. Being a Cancerian, it’s just in my zodiac, okay.

The best thing about knowing your traits is that you can work on them for your own benefit. If you know you are short-tempered, work on anger management. If you know you get possessive easily, work on that. At least, work on your response to that feeling.

If your boyfriend flirted with this attractive woman at a party, how would you react? Would you give him a death stare? Would you go and flirt with someone else? Would you subtly throw taunts at him later? Would you go over, hold him by one arm and mark your territory? If you said yes to any one of these, chances are you belong to the possessive clan.

Like I said, some zodiac signs are more possessive than others. If you belong to one of these, then there’s no way you’re going to be comfortable with your partner casually flirting with that hottie.


If you belong to the zodiac sign of Aries, you’re someone who is brimming with energy and determination. You’re passionate and caring, which sometimes when combined makes you possessive when the object of your attention shares their attention with someone else. You dive straight to the deep end of the love ocean and get obsessed with your lover too much too soon. That sets the foundation of your anxious attachment.


Nobody values security and stability like you do. You are the person who needs to settle and cannot deal with the frivolousness of a no-strings-attached romance! Seeking security, you tend to become quite territorial when it comes to your partner. You feel like you belong to each other and expect absolute loyalty, which you define as prioritising no one else over each other. of course, if they know you, they won’t even dare flirting with someone else. And if they do, you’ll be turned off and gone before they can even apologise!


You want a partner who is your lover, best friend and family. You are loving, caring and nurturing to a fault but every now and then, you get mood swings wherein you just need a little reassurance. If you’re getting that, you will loosen your crabby claws. You know temptations and distractions happen and you don’t want those things to ruin what you have with your partner. When you get possessive, you just need a little reassurance. If you didn’t trust them, you wouldn’t be with them. A Cancerian knows when someone’s lying to them!


You love being the epicenter of your social circle. You love hosting get togethers and parties for your friends and family. This means you seek a partner who can be as socially pleasant and elegant as you are. However, you want everyone to know what’s yours is yours. You’re possessive because it doesn’t just hurt your heart but also your pride!

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People who belong to the zodiac sign of Scorpio are a suspicious and jealous bunch of folks! You just cannot bear being betrayed and that’s why you’re not easily trusting your partner. Love for you is not superficial; you love with all your heart, passion and soul. When the stakes are so high, you get anxious about losing them. Learn to trust your partner’s intentions. If they are suspicious, you don’t deserve that. If they are not, then why let jealousy ruin it?

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