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5 Zodiac Signs That Know How To Prioritise Their Partners

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It baffles me when my friends tell me they don’t want to date because they cannot prioritise a relationship right now. It sounds like a fair enough reason until I understand how they describe doing that. They assume that they will have to set everything aside and only do one thing – their partner. It’s almost like you will have to give up on your friends and other connections because your partner will want all your time and energy. They think they will not have the mental bandwidth to pursue personal hobbies and passions. Yes, that happens in some relationships – but those are toxic and you gotta either fix it or leave it.

Of course, sometimes, the honeymoon phase makes you want to spend all your energy on your partner and you see nothing else. Okay, that happened with me too, unknowingly. Bae and I were like spending so much time together that everything else was sidelined. But we realised that we got to bring balance back in our lives and be a little productive too. It’s even more difficult when both of you are indulgent and moody.

However, once you have settled into your romance, true intimacy and prioritising your partner have completely different meanings. It means we build a relationship that is healthy for both of us. How do I prioritise my partner? When he needs me, I’ll shuffle things, go out of my way to be there for him. It means not knowing how you will do something but knowing that you will do it for them. It is showing up when it truly matters. It is about making time for each other, even if it’s not readily available.

Then there are people who have lived so single all their lives that they are just not used to prioritising someone else. They don’t see that they must give you more rather than investing more in entertaining a bunch of acquaintances. It’s not those people who you treat so well that’s going to be there for you. It’s your partner, who will see you at your worst and may not like you for a bit but they will still love you. It’s your partner that will see your flaws and still have the best things to say about you. If you’re sick, the acquaintance will probably send you flowers at most. Your partner will be there next to you. I want a partner who makes sure I know where I stand in his life. Like imagine if the person who came first gets the same participation certificate everyone else is getting. Yep, don’t want that.

So here I am, belonging to a zodiac sign that knows how to prioritise her partner in a healthy, non-suffocating, non-deteriorating way. Find out if you and your potential lover are one of those zodiac signs.


They may seem a little cold to the rest of the world because they rarely indulge in PDA . But away from prying eyes, they are deeply devoted to their partners. Taureans take their time to fall for someone but when they do, they become their true companions and family. It’s not like they will stop bothering about their careers. But they will happily cancel plans of going out if their partner returned home from work disappointed over the promotion that got away. They love to travel and their partner will have first dibs over all their leaves. They know how to build a solid relationship but hey, don’t forget your friends. Once in a while, it’s important to find a balance.


If you’re a Cancerian, you probably tend to be a selfless person when it comes to your loved ones. You take romantic partnerships very seriously and will go out of your way for them. That means, at the end of the day when you’ve just told a friend you’ll call them you feel too tired to talk, and they ask you if you’re free, suddenly you are. If they need you, you will give them some of the time you had reserved for yourself and conjure all the energy you can. You prioritise your partner over you and make a clear distinction between the amount of affection you give others and what you give them. You’d totally let them have the last slice of pizza. You’d let them sleep when they’ve had an especially tiring day. That’s great, but remember to take care of yourself too and don’t invest too much in a person who won’t care enough.


Being a healthy mix of emotional and practical, Virgos are one of the most sorted people in life. Once they commit to a partner, they know what will make a relationship work. They are clear about the kind of investment (a lot!) they want from a partner and do not hesitate to offer the same. Virgos won’t hog your personal space and demand all your awake time but they do want you to make it very evident that they are above others in your life. If you’re a Virgo, you want your partner to give you love that is exclusive in nature. You want your partner to be on your team, no matter what because you will do the same!


If you’re a Libran, you don’t get into relationships easily because your standards are way too high. You have an idealistic mind and if someone doesn’t tick all those boxes, you’ll forever be confused. But when you do find that person, you don’t understand why you should not be giving all your weekends to them. It comes naturally to you to check with them before making plans with your friends. You’re the kind who will travel miles if you have to, just to see them. You’re a wonderful, laidback partner who will let your love have their way because you want them to be happy. But learn to give them space and also prioritise them emotionally, not just with your time and lack of resistance.

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Scorpios go all out when they are in love and will let the world know that they are biased towards them and rightly so. They will do anything they can to make sure their relationship is break-proof. They fiercely guard what’s theirs and prefer a partner who would not have a problem with making them feel secure. This is why they too will do anything to make sure their partner feels secure and prioritised in their relationship. They too are selfless and for the greater good, never hesitate in choosing their partner’s interest over theirs. That doesn’t include letting them win a game or having that last can of beer in the fridge. Nope.

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