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5 Zodiac Signs That Are Okay To Apologise First

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When it comes to relationships, the platonic ones are so simple, right? Like my mom and I share a zodiac sign (Cancer!) – we never fight, like never. Okay, maybe once a year. And even when we do, both of us just make up with ease. Of course, apologies aren’t a regular part of Indian households (or is it just my family?) My mom and I have a way of showing we are over the fight as we genuinely do and start cracking silly jokes again. My best friend who is an Aquarian is very different from me but being like sisters for a decade and a half, you learn to handle the other person. She never apologises. I don’t, not often. But again, we kinda just love each other and trust each other’s intentions. We don’t fight often but when we do, we know we just have to let go of it.

Romantic relationships, however, are not so easy. We have different love languages and sometimes, it just makes us not see the most important thing of all – that they love us nonetheless. An apology means a lot and knowing how to do it right is even more important. When our feelings are hurt, we’d like those to feel validated. “Validation is the recognition and acceptance of another person’s thoughts, feelings, sensations, and behaviors as understandable,” Beverly Engel L.M.F.T. wrote in Psychology Today. “Long-estranged friends and family members have been brought back together by a simple apology and marriages have been saved when one partner apologizes to another. One simple apology can melt even the hardest of hearts, and tear down the strongest of walls,” Engel added.

We don’t want our partners to tell us what we felt was no big deal. Often it’s the way you handle the conflict that matters, not the original reason behind it. But we are all so different, we clash and we hurt each other. What matters is how much acceptance and understanding there is.

While apologising is good, a few zodiac signs find it more difficult than others to do so. It’s okay, if their heart is still in the right place. However, a few zodiac signs deliver an apology where it’s due. Here are top 5 zodiac signs that will apologise first!


People born under the zodiac sign of Cancer are naturally intuitive and very in tune with emotions – of theirs and others. They are empathetic and great at reflecting on things. This makes them realise their mistakes. In fact, knowing they hurt their loved one, and it kills them on the inside to not apologise. And while at it, they shower their love and affection on their favourite human to heal all that hurt.


This zodiac sign is synonymous with peace and harmony. You hate it when your loved one is hurt and upset with you. And if you can do anything to make it better, you will. When it comes to your people, you act mature and you have no problem choosing them over your ego. You apologise and choose to be the bigger person.


People born under this zodiac signs believe in karma and the importance of goodness. If they feel they wronged their loved one, they will make sure they apologise. But don’t expect a sentimental one from them. They will rather make you laugh and cheer you up!


This zodiac sign is all about self-restraint and composure. When they realise they messed up, they will calmly have a conversation with their loved one. They will take responsibility of their actions and not just apologise but make sure it doesn’t happen again.

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There is no other zodiac sign as empathetic as Pisces. They are essentially non-judgemental people and will try to understand the other person. Sometimes, so much that even when they are not wrong, they apologise! They understand feelings and emotions well and would do anything to not hurt their loved one.

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