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5 Zodiac Signs That Absolutely Suck At Flirting

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Unless your love story is one of those in which you fall in love with your best friend and live happily ever after – a little knowledge of flirting is indispensable. For the rest of us, who have to navigate through a heavily crowded pool of singles, being bad at flirting just means you’ll remain in that pool for longer than you’d like. You’ll be in the pool as the others slowly climb out, dry themselves out of singledom, blowdry their coupledom to perfection. You’ll be there till the pool starts to gently gather moss. So you either acquire the skill, or just hope that your lobster will find you against all odds. You wonder how your BFF does it with so much ease. Don’t be J, some people are born with it. Similarly, if you’re born under one of these Zodiac signs, you naturally kinda suck at flirting.


You’re surprised to find yourself on this list, most Taureans would be. You wonder what you’ve been doing wrong – you crack hilarious jokes, talk and listen – so what could be wrong? Exactly, this, my friend. What you think is flirting, is really just friendship according to most people. By the time, you start coming around to any actual signs of flirting, they have already friendzoned you, married someone and sending their first-born to school. I mean, really, your dates just look like a long slo-mo video.


The thing is, you’ve a problem with normalcy. Balance is not your strong trait, and that’s what really fucks up your dating life. You’re not really good with being the one to initiate anything. So it takes you forever to even start flirting with your object of desire. But once, for whatever reason you make it, you end up being so clingy, your crush ends up feeling crushed under all that attention.


When someone asks you about your flirting style, you’re almost as oblivious as the person you’re trying to flirt with. You tend to do the exact opposite of people normally do when they are interested in someone. You leave them at seen and respond to them in monosyllables. However, you do try to brush their arm and touch them a lot, which leaves them thoroughly confused.


It’s not like you’re not smart and witty. You most definitely are, but somehow when you come face-to-face with your romantic interest, you just can’t seem to find the right words. It’s like they tell you how beautiful your eyes are and you just stare back at them. At that point, you feel frozen and could do with saying just anything at all. So, your best bet is flirting on text, when you have all the time in the world to think.

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You don’t take it easy when it comes to crushing on someone. Suddenly, when they come in front of you, your world is spinning round and you become as clumsy as Jennifer Lawrence on every red carpet – except your fall isn’t half as pretty. You fall head over heels for them, quite literally. Relax, he is not Vicky Kaushal. But also maybe not talk about gas like Ross did with the pizza lady.

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