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5 Unexpectedly Erogenous Zones That You’ve Probably Not Explored

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So at this point, I may have forgotten what it’s like to meet a guy without commitment issues. I have a feeling when I do, I will be majorly surprised. It’s quite likely that I will ask him to pinch me or wonder that he is a spy from another planet researching how to take dumb humans for a ride. Anything would seem more possible than a guy actually saying, ‘hey, we’ve become so close, be my girlfriend’. Anyway, my point is – if we don’t practice something or do something for a long time, we tend to forget how it’s done.

This is why there are chances we might as well forget how to have sex after this lockdown ends. And I am speaking to those who somewhat had a sex life before this began. Others who are as parched as they were earlier, hon, it’s highly likely you’ve already forgotten how to sex it up. At this point, our virginities may be growing back. While some erogenous zones – breasts, mouth, vagina, and clitoris – are impossible to forget, there are some that we need to remember the next time we’re doing it. These are spots that get missed, ignored, mainly because we have no idea it feels so good on being caressed there. I found out through scattered experiences, stumbling upon new ones each time as bae was quite an explorer. Surprised, elated, excited, I did a quick Google search, spoke to a few friends, and figured, these spots are touted as erogenous zones by several experts.

If we get down and dirty with a man, we should at least extract full pleasure out of that experience, right? Know your erogenous zones so you can guide your bae to them.

1) Scalp

Have you ever wondered what makes it so sexy when he tugs at your hair when you go down on him or while he is planting kisses on your neck? Apart from the fact that it feels really raw and animalistic, the scalp is an erogenous zone because it is full of nerve-endings. That makes it sensitive to touch and even him brushing your hair with his fingers oh-so-gently can send you into a fine frenzy.

2) Behind the knee

This is the most ignored portion of your body when it goes to sex. I bet, none of you thought that stimulating this portion can make you moan in pleasure. It is quite sensitive to touch and ticklish to an extent. Ask him to give it some love and licking along with grazing your thighs as you lie on your tummy.

3) Feet

Doesn’t it really tickle on the bottom of your feet? That’s because it’s full of pressure points that can make you feel easily aroused. Imagine lying on your couch and getting a nice foot massage from him before he starts tickling it. One thing would lead to another and you’ll be in his arms making the hell out. We don’t even realise that stimulating those pressure points increases your blood circulation, which only makes it easier to remain aroused.

4) Mons pubis

This is the triangular portion above your vulva and below your abdomen. The thing is that most guys just dive right into your vagina and clitoris, turning a blind eye to this zone of abundant pleasure. Again, this area too is full of nerve-endings and also, literally connected to your orgasm hotspot, clitoris. Massaging this area in a vertical motion will directly stimulate your clit. He can even go down to kissing you there and believe me, it will feel nothing less than euphoric. This works brilliantly in slow sex, in which you tease and delay orgasm so that when you finally do, it’s even more explosive.

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5) The Inside of your arms

When the first time bae did this to me, I was like wait, what? Who knew it would feel so damn good when someone simply brushed the inside of your arms with their nails? But it does; you feel a chill run through your body and it just makes you wanna close your eyes and absorb it all. Lie down with your arms raised over your head, and let him run his fingers through the inside of your arms before reaching your breasts, as he goes on to kiss you all over. He can simply just go down to stimulate your breasts, but then again, this is the difference between good and mind-blowing sex.

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