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5 Things You Absolutely Shouldn’t Change About Yourself For Your Boyfriend

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You know the things they say about being in love, right?  One soul in two bodies and all that. And very often, it is like that. You tend to adapt each other’s likes and dislikes. You start supporting the sports team they root for, go to places they love, indulge them. They get you hooked on to the series you once hated. While all of this is cool, there are some things that form the very core of you. And these are the bits you don’t want to change. Changing these values, things we hold close to us would mean losing our sense of self.  A healthy relationship should nurture you, help you grow,  not diminish your individuality. Here are 5 things you shouldn’t change about yourself, not for him, not for anyone else.

Core Values

In an ideal world, your boyfriend’s value system would be identical with yours. But if it isn’t, it’s alright to stick to your own. You can adapt to watching football with them, once in a while. But becoming a non-vegetarian even though you strongly feel against it is a no-no. Your boyfriend should accept you wholeheartedly, for who you are, even if they can’t agree on your stance. Hold on to your take about issues that matter. If he tries to change your very core, is he even worth it?

Friend Circle

It doesn’t matter if your boyfriend doesn’t like your friends. Or if he wants you to hang out with his circle all the time. Your friends matter to you and you should hold on to them irrespective of what he thinks. At the end of the day, no matter how loving and blissful your relationship is, you need your BFFs. And there’s always a way to strike a middle ground!

Career Goals

We spend a major portion of our waking hours at work. Which is why it’s important for you to feel satisfied with what you’re doing. It’s important that your partner supports your goals, that both of you realise you’re working towards a dream. It’s never him versus your work, and while both are priority, don’t give up everything you hold dear for him. It will leave you with the bitter taste of resentment. Hold on to your dreams!


Lose weight if you want to, not because your boyfriend wants you to. Wear the lipstick shade you like. If you want to colour your hair pink, go ahead. If your boyfriend doesn’t like it, he better get used to it. Whether you like to dress up like a jock or a style queen, it should express your preferences, not your boyfriend’s.


If you’re passionate about something, hold on to it. It’s okay if you won’t have bae by your side when you pursue your passion. Be it travel, fitness or anything else under the sun – if your boyfriend doesn’t accompany you, do it solo! Having a life outside of the relationship is important!


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