5 Things About You Only Your BFF Understands


Your BFF is more than just a friend. She gets you like none other. She’s seen you through your best and worst, and stuck by you through it all. She may be the most annoying person you know, but you love her to the moon and back. As does she. But, what really makes your BFF special is that she understands things about you that no one else quite gets. Here are 5 such things.

1. That you love your family, but need time off every now and then

She understands the ambivalence you feel towards your loved ones. She’s there when you need some distance from your folks, and if you can’t get out of an event or a situation, she will more than happily tag along!


2. Your need for silence, and to crawl in your hole every now and then

You don’t need to explain to her why you need down time every once in a while. She understands it. You don’t even have to tell her when you’re in your zone. In fact, she knows it, and she lets you have your space.

3. Why you are so hung up over that guy you know is no good for you

She may wish you’d get over him, but she doesn’t judge you for it. She understands that you need to go through your journey, and only then will you come out stronger. She gives you your time.


4. How sometimes, NOT talking about your problems, and going out and having a good time is what you need

You and your BFF know that women don’t need to talk everything out. Sometimes, you just need to drown your worries in a glass of wine, and burn up the dance floor. She’s down for that!

5. How sometimes you just need to vent, vent, vent!

When you talk about a problem, you’re not always looking for a solution or advice. You just need to let it all out. She gets it.

Seen it all?

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