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5 Signs You Are Unhappy In Your Relationship

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When you enter a relationship, it’s all sunshine and rainbows. Why else would you get into a partnership if you’re expecting an unhappy relationship? Your hopes are high. You feel this is it, this is the one that will last. You’re getting along so well, he sends you such cute texts and your hormones rage even at the sight of him. Of course, those hormones make you extra happy and bond and the minute details? Who cares about that? It seems like every problem can be resolved. Except, you have been either fighting or brushing the issues under the carpet or both.

Gradually, you begin to feel the pleasantness fade away. You feel like your shoulders are heavy with the burden of a relationship that is doing you no good. But you wanted it to last so you just try to go through it all – the ugliness, the fights, the toxicity.

I am not saying if things are bad you should just leave. But it’s important to understand how unhappy you are. So you can both address the issues plaguing your relationship. Fix them or leave – that’s your choice and depends on your issues.

If the relationship itself is toxic and your partner is a narcissist, then maybe it’s time to put your foot down. Else, maybe you both should simply work it out if the love is not gone. Here are 5 signs you are unhappy in your relationship.


He breathes and you get annoyed

If his existence is enough to piss you off, maybe you should take some time apart to reflect on things. Or try to put an effort into being affectionate for a few days and see if that changes things. However, this really does confirm one thing – you’re brimming with resentment and that is directed at him. So it’s time to pick your battles wisely and ask yourself why!

Over the past few weeks, you are not doing what you love

Either your partner’s demanding nature has made you give up on your favourite activities or you just don’t have the will anymore. It could mean you are so stressed and demotivated in life that all you wanna do is not be productive. That’s what an unhappy relationship can do to you.

His behaviour doesn’t hurt you anymore

Each time you felt disappointed and he acted like you’re the crazy one, you got tougher. Now, you barely give two hoots about what he does. You’re rarely surprised by his bad behaviour. In fact, you just shrug it off and go on to not give a f*ck. But deep down, it does eat your peace of mind.

Deep down, you prefer watching Netflix over talking to him

If you’re in a relationship, you sorta have to stay connected but it feels like such a chore. You’d rather watch Netflix. You’d rather speak to a friend. You’d rather clean your room. You’d rather watch Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo. Oh boy, you really are unhappy. Address your concerns asap because it looks like you’ve checked out already.

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He doesn’t fit in your fantasy of future

When you think of the kind of future you desire, he and the way he treats you scare you! No, you would not want to spend all your life like that! If you cannot imagine being this way all your life, it means you are unhappy in your relationship! It’s suffocating you and you often wonder what will it be like to be with someone else.

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