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10 Signs You’re In A Healthy Relationship

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Thanks to this new wave of equal, respectful, and woke relationships, we’ve been talking a lot about what we should steer clear of when it comes to love. We know the red flags, but how much do we know about the green flags? Knowing what an unhealthy relationship looks like is important, but did you know these signs of a healthy relationship?


1. You laugh together

Not only do you make each other laugh, you also laugh with each other. Love and passion are great, but if you have joy in your relationship, then that makes it super!

2. You have healthy arguments and fights

Not fighting at all is not a sign of a healthy relationship. Secure couples have arguments. The key is to not let it build resentment.


3. You want to share everything, but also give each other space

Intimacy requires sharing, but longevity requires space. You understand the value of both, and strike the balance.

4. You don’t feel jealous all that easily

Because they make you feel so secure that jealousy doesn’t come easy. It’s not you. It’s them. Or, what both of you share!


5. You don’t bring up issues from the past

You don’t hold on to grudges and don’t keep score. Whether it’s their individual past, or the issues you may have had between the two of you, you treat bygones as bygones.

6. You value each other’s happiness

Seeing them happy makes you happy. Enough said.


7. You care about each other’s well-being

You want each other to be physically and mentally healthy, and do what you need to do to make it happen. You see each other as allies, not competition or liability.

8. You support each other’s ambitions and dreams

You care about each other’s careers, friends, and families. You want to facilitate growth for your partner, and vice versa.


9. You are proud of each other

You don’t hide your relationship from people. You are not embarrassed or ashamed of each other. In fact, you want to flaunt each other because you are proud to be with this person!

10. Your lives are better because of each other

Better together, remember?

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