10 Signs He Is Only Looking For A Casual Hookup And Nothing Else

10 Signs He Is Only Looking For A Casual Hookup And Nothing Else

You have recently met this cutie who really stirs up the feelings in you. He is charming as hell and you can swear to God you feel a connection. But then things aren’t proceeding the way you’d want them to. This dude is offering such limited access to him, you wonder if he is interested at all. Just when you begin to think he is not, he gives you something to hold on to. You meet, you make out and have the most amazing date ever. But something’s still missing and you start wondering if he’s in it just for the sex. If that’s a thought that has crossed your mind multiple times, ladies, it’s time to find out if he’s in it for just the sex or for something more. Here are 10 signs that say that he is only looking for a casual hookup and nothing else.

  1. He is hot and cold

If he is warm to you for a few days and then act disinterested for a while, only to suddenly turn on the heat again, he is definitely in it just for sex. A guy who truly likes you will be interested at all times.

  1. He texts out of nowhere

Just when you begin to think he isn’t that interested, his text will pop up on your phone. The weekend’s approaching and he wants to secure his sex sesh with you!

  1. You only meet over drinks

Because what will you even talk about otherwise? With alcohol in your system, you’re more vulnerable and horny.

  1. He keeps you away from his friends

A guy who truly likes you will want you to socialise with his friends. If he is in it just for the sex, then why make you a part of his inner circle? *alarm bells go off*

  1. And never hangs out with yours

Whenever you ask him to join you and your friends on a Saturday night, he has them excuses ready! The dude’s not interested in knowing the friends of his booty call.

  1. His hands get busy too soon

He’s been waiting for this. Small talk and two drinks later, he starts getting touchy.

  1. He doesn’t discuss serious things with you

A guy who likes you is interested in knowing so much about you. He will ask you about your career, your life, etc. If he is only looking for a hookup, he will stick to small talk.

  1. You don’t know much about him

You know where he works. But you know nothing about how his annoying co-worker. You know what he studied, but you knowing nothing about the shenanigans he pulled off during his college years. He clearly keeps you at a distance and doesn’t let your connection get more intimate.

  1. Every conversation turns sexual

Five minutes into a conversation and you are suddenly in the middle of dirty talk. A few times it excites you and then you begin to wonder if he thinks with his crotch.

  1. He is always good to you

No matter what you say or do, he doesn’t disagree with you. He is always at his best behaviour with you at all times. If he has a chance at having sex with you, he wouldn’t want to ruin that!

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