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10 Reasons I Love Being Able To Talk About Anything With My Partner

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Clubs are fine but don’t you just love the dates in which you are sitting across each other, drinking, eating and talking your heart out? The good part is when it’s late enough, several of these places have people dancing around their tables so you get the best of both worlds! Conversation are really important when it comes to bonding. In fact, I am gonna let you in on a little secret – a good conversation on a lazy afternoon with bae can totally turn me on. Actions speak louder than words but the latter are soothing like a love song! A partner that’s like a human journal to you is so amazing.

When I am in a happy relationship, I love talking about everything under the sun. I love telling him what goes on in the day, who did what, about the random thoughts I have on the movie I watched and just about anything. I also love to hear his stories about things big or small. I love when we confide in each other about things that happen, things we feel about incidences, people, life and just about anything. It’s like having a human journal and that’s the most beautiful way to bond.

Here are 10 reasons I feel having a partner who is like a human journal to you will make you so much happier.

  • You begin to understand each other better

When you talk so much about various things in your lives, you get an understanding of each other’s behaviour and perspectives, even without actually experiencing those things first hand. You learn about each other through your stories and begin to understand each other better.

  • It helps you feel more familiar with each other’s lives

Honestly, after a certain point, I think my partner knows my friends and people pretty well, even if they haven’t met. I like to tell stories of what happened, the little cute quirks each one has and all of that. And I would know the funny things about his people. It makes me feel so connected!

  • It’s a great way to blow off steam

You know when you’re super irritated with something or someone but you don’t want to bitch about that person. You don’t want to go and tell someone about how you’re feeling but your bae gets you. He understands that you’re just ranting and you let it off your chest with no damage done.

  • You can trust your partner to keep your secrets

Having a partner you can confide in is the best thing ever. Sharing secrets, or your innermost feelings that you don’t talk about otherwise helps you bond and feel lighter! Best thing is you trust them to keep these things confidential.

  • They can give you good insights without a hidden motive

In a healthy relationship, your partner should be able to call you out if you’re being unreasonable. Or they must be able to help you see an unbiased picture of your situation. In fact, when you’re stuck in a dilemma they can offer you insights without any hidden motive. And that’s only possible if you have open, honest conversations with your bae!

  • You can trust them to not judge you

The reason I feel bae is my human journal is that I can do the silliest thing and I know I won’t be judged. It’s like being in love with your best friend. It’s like being friends with benefits with “benefits” including lots of love, care and sharing!

  • You bond over shared perspectives

Have you ever bonded with someone over hating the same person? We like to relate, to belong together. And when you’re telling him about how you feel about the movie’s ending and turns out, he feels the same – you feel connected. You bond over shared perspectives and you find out only when you start honestly sharing your opinions.

  • You feel safe showing your vulnerable side

When you feel your bae is your human journal, you feel safe telling them anything at all. That soothes your anxieties as your vulnerable side stops feeling afraid from revealing itself.

  • It means you never have to bottle up feelings

You know sometimes, you just don’t share your feelings because you don’t want to be judged? Or you don’t want to be disappointed by their unavailability or lack of understanding. But having a partner who is like a human journal to you means you will never have to bottle up those feelings and suffer in silence. You’ve already built that safety net, that relationship in which you know you get each other.

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  • It helps in resolving conflicts better

When you treat your partner like a human journal, you get to know each other well. It improves your communication and normalises honesty and straight-forwardness in your conversations. You don’t have to think twice before expressing your hurt or admitting to what upset you, even if you feel it is lame. That helps in resolving conflicts much more easily.

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