Bad Sleep Schedule? Doing These 8 Things Before Bed Might Get Your Sleep And Life On Track!

Don't let your laziness spoil your sleep.
world sleep day

Sleep. It has become more expensive than sona and chaandi these days. Because you will be satisfied after having all materialistic things but sleep is something that you will never get enough of. We all are often guilty of complaining, “Yaar, aaj need nahi poori hui,” and keep ranting about our lack of sleep all-day, na? If on World Sleep Day, which is today, you woke up complaining that you are sleep-deprived, I come bearing solutions for you, you insomniac! You can see my dedication as I am deprived of sleep but here I am making sure you get yours. Better be thankful!

Sleeping playlist

If you have a habit of listening to rock-n-roll music at night, that might be a reason you are not able to sleep. Switch to a sleeping playlist that has songs with calming music and lyrics.

Have warm milk with turmeric

Yes, that costly turmeric latte that you buy from Starbucks to show off on your Instagram can be easily made at home! Just mix a pinch of turmeric to warm milk, and it’s ready! Bottoms up this glass, and you will sleep like a baby!

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Chamomile tea for those who are lactose intolerant

If you say that milk gives rise to indigestion and makes you feel uneasy at night, have a cup of chamomile tea. It is soothing and calming and it will make you fall asleep.

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Say no to your phone before you sleep

Yes, I know you are addicted to doomscrolling at night and you also try to make up for the lack of screen time during the day by staying up late at night. This has caused you to develop revenge insomnia. Your mind needs a break at night, so make sure you keep your phone away at least an hour before your bedtime.

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Make sure to switch all lights in your room

There are a lot of things you can do in a pitch-black room, and it includes sleeping! Make your all the lights in your room are switched off, not even a night bulb or fairy lights are on.

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Sleeping naked definitely helps you sleep better!

If you are among those privileged who have a private room of their own, you can try this. Skipping your nightdress or sleepwear and sleeping naked, will help you sleep better because you won’t feel sweaty or sticky with your clothes on!

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Sleeping with your partner or masturbating

Don’t want to rub in your face how single you are, but sleeping with a partner makes you fall asleep faster. There have been researchers that prove that sleeping with your partner will also reduce your stress. But if you are single AF, then please believe in the ‘apna haath Jagganath’ supremacy to masturbate. The sound sleep you will get after the orgasm will leave a smile on your face!

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Listening to audiobooks

If reading is not your thing, then, listen to audiobooks. Listening to the narration of the plot will make you focus on one thing only, which will relax your brain and make you fall asleep!

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So, fellas, it still is not too late to get your sleep in order which will make your life feel put together. And please don’t go bragging about how you sleep at 3 AM because flaunting how you are ruining your sleep schedule and, in turn, your life, is not cool!

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