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We Found This Explainer About Why Women Like ‘Bad Boys’, And We Thoda Agree, Thoda Disagree!

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So all those single women out there still looking for the right partner must have some preferences in mind that your dream man should possess, right? Well, there are some traits that every woman needs in her man, irrespective of whether she is committed or single. A woman can be independent but still needs a man to show his protective side. Some extra attention from her man simply makes her day and of course, someone who makes her laugh is always the added bonus. All of these things make a man more likeable for a woman. Now, I came across a video in which a boy explains why women like “bad boys” more in comparison to “good guys”. The video is basically a guide for all those good guys on what good things they can learn from the “bad boys” to make themselves more attractive to a woman. All the aforementioned traits that women like are surprisingly found in “bad guys” as per the video, well we would not disagree there but would also like to add some tips to the list that boys directly need to hear from women instead of blindly following the video!

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The video was posted on the Instagram page of Emo Bois and they are known for their hilarious videos. Clearly, this “bad boy” guide was a funny take on why women find them more attractive in comparison to simple boys. We guiltily agree with the points but will also add some of our perspectives to it. So the video starts by mentioning “ Why do girls like bad boys” and then the guy in the video goes on to explain what positive points other guys can take from “bad boys”. First, a good trait to learn was confidence. Well, absolutely we do look for a confident guy, but then the video explained the kind of confidence, and I have my disagreements there. According to the emo bois video, bad boys show their confidence by talking and engaging more with other people, are more involved in fights and are rather free-minded. Whereas good guys do not spend much time of theirs behind girls. Basically, bad boys try to engage in things that set them apart from the crowd, no matter what the activity is. Yes, we do like confidence in a guy but no we will not prefer him to go involve himself in a fight just to gain our attention. Hello? Moreover, confidence becomes more attractive in a guy when he knows how to make conversations with us and we are fine with guys not being around us all the time.

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Okay, so the next point was the sense of humour. Bad boys can make girls laugh so they become more attractive. Well, of course, humour is always a plus point in the guy. Agreed there, however, women also look for deeper insightful conversations and if the guy is not humorous, well, the girl can be in their relationship.

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Girls like guys who are popular. Umm, we are not in high school now! As per the video, good guys stick to their own work whereas bad guys are more into activities that keep them highlighted. And therefore are more likeable to women. Clearly a no here! This is a very teenage mindset, as we grow up, we realise guys who keep to themselves and know their priorities, have a clear vision about life, work and relationships become more charming to us!

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Lastly, the video talks about bad guys being protective. In the video, the guy says that if a girl is eve-teased by a man on the road, the good guys give a very cold reaction to it and ask her to avoid it. Whereas a bad guy will come in his fighting mood and say “kaun hai usse dekhta hoon”. Well true, but these days girls stand up for themselves. But it will be much better if a guy knows how to deal with such situations. They should rather have the presence of mind and not a mindset in which they want to become “heroes” for the girls.


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So this guide to guys is okay to some extent but do not let it misguide you, because women respect individuality in a guy and you never know what other factors they find attractive about you. 

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