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Woman Finds Out Boyfriend Is Cheating On Her, Takes The Most Savage Revenge

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When it comes to relationships, like most people, I am still absolutely clueless. Despite dating a handful of guys, I still have a very hard time trusting them completely. Basically, I am in my Chandler phase when he was still dating Janice. However, the one thing that has never failed me is my gut feelings. Despite all the gaslighting by boys, because it always comes down to that when they’re threatened or accused, I know that my intuitions are the one thing I can trust. It’s something this girl learned the hard way when she found out that her boyfriend was cheating on her with not one or two but three other women. She confronted him in an epic way.

When Emely Zambrano’s suspicions about her boyfriend cheating on her were confirmed, she decided to take a very unconventional path while confronting him with the information she had. Instead of talking, or fighting, about it, Emely printed out all the evidence she had about her boyfriend and three other women and stuck it on his bedroom wall like wallpaper. We love this!

According to reports, Emely’s boyfriend told her that she was “crazy and paranoid” for thinking that he was being unfaithful towards her. She found evidence that suggested that he was merely gaslighting her and in reality, he cheated on her with three women, including his ex-girlfriend. Emely made a TikTok video detailing the entire ordeal.

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In the video, she said, “My boyfriend consistently tells me that I’m crazy and paranoid for thinking he’s cheating so I decided to print out all of the evidence I found. This way he cannot gaslight his way out of it. I of course blurred out all the girls’ face phone numbers and naughty parts. Then I went to Home Depot and purchased some handy dandy super glue spray paint. Being the good girlfriend I am I decided to redecorate my boyfriend’s room.”

Of course, what the boyfriend did was very wrong but I can’t help but wonder just how much time Emely had on her hands? She printed out dozens of text messages then bought super glue and individually stuck them all to his wall. She put more thought into her revenge plan than I would put into my Valentines plan. However, even this is more effort than the cheating bastard deserves.

Her TikTok video quickly went viral and racked up millions of views. In it, Emely explained that she didn’t stick around to see her boyfriends reaction. She simply texted him saying there was a surprise waiting for him at home and then blocked him. Ever since then, he has tried calling her multiple times but she hasn’t responded. Now, this is the kind of revenge we could get behind.

Cheating on someone is one of those things that aren’t illegal but should be. Emely’s reaction was savage but apt. If you don’t consider the amount of time and effort she put into this, her plan wasn’t OTT. She ensured that her boyfriend had no room to wiggle, lie and gaslight his way out of this situation. But would I do this if I was ever cheated on? Probably not. But that doesn’t change the fact that this is absolutely hilarious. For everyone apart from the guy, obviously, but he had it coming.

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